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Leader Of The New School Author, Tim Storrs, Releases Newest Literary Mixtape

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New York, NY (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2020

Tim Storrs is releasing 30 Poems For June, an introspective look at the month of June day-by-day. The book of poetry features a short pulp fiction series as well, entitled Owner Freeman.

The book launch is July 10, 2020. Storrs, who primarily writes paperback pulp, says 30 Poems for June represents the first time he’s merged poetry and pulp together into a literary mixtape. “I enjoy writing books that offer something new to the literary world,” he says, “So all of my books are innovative hybrids and experiments.”

Storrs is a pioneer leading a movement in the literary world. He is blazing a trail for a new school of authors no longer encumbered by the corporate-controlled publishing world. “Since publishing has opened up and people can self-publish, we just focus on the art, not just what sells,” Storrs says. “We break all the literary rules of the status quo. And I’m breaking new ground for authors who will publish in this era.”

Storrs’ non-traditional fiction and poetry is available on Amazon. Much of Storrs’ writing, which is completely unedited, is about the experience of living and the purpose of life. He explores the ironies of life, humorous moments, and harsh encounters as well. He also reflects on the nature of people, and explores subjects such as prejudice, morality, happenstance, death, purpose, and the fragile human ego.

The imperfection of his writing is where Storrs has found the most authenticity, elevating his books to works of art, not just literary works. He believes literary art should be allowed the same freedom to be abstract, free flowing, and imperfect as any other art form.

30 Poems for June is the third book Storrs has published this year. He dedicated proceeds from his last book to fund causes that benefit minority communities.

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