Lee D. Britton’s Recent Novel Explores a Tortured Rock Star’s Love Life Destined For Tragedy

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Rock n Roll is a fast-paced world filled with romance, deception, and heartbreak, but when the music speaks with raw emotion maybe love does stand a fighting chance.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2019

It’s the late 1970’s and Travis Dyer is at the top of his game. He and his band TRAGEDY are on their record-breaking tour promoting their second album which has been certified platinum. The songs on the album represent the heartbreak Travis has been going through since his girlfriend Faith Winslow abandoned him two years ago while touring in support of their first album. As the tour winds down Faith suddenly reappears and turns Travis’s already chaotic world upside down. Adding to the drama is the fact that Faith’s sister, Hope Winslow, is Travis’s backup singer and close confidant. She is the only person who knows the truth behind Faith’s disappearance and the reason for her return, but she is sworn to secrecy.

As the band travels through the Midwest on their way to the tour’s end in California, Travis’s behavior becomes more and more erratic and destructive. He lashes out against the band, crew and even Faith; whom he wants to forgive but is unable to. With his trust in her shattered and both of their secrets revealed he reaches his breaking point. A great deal of his pain is rooted in a childhood tragedy that stole his family from him and left him alone to face the world. It has molded his ideals and has made him live his life by a certain code of beliefs that he is unwilling to alter for anyone.

The only thing Travis has any trust in is his music; the words and music are always honest and tell his story better than he ever could himself. Through his actions we see a tragic figure doomed by his own way of thinking’ but through his music, we find a lonely soul seeking love and forgiveness.

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