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“Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence,” says Shameel Fazaldin

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2019

Shameel Fazaldin’s book Beyond Success features stories from bestselling author Matt Morris and several other people from various walks of life. In the book, Fazaldin highlights the importance of focusing on factors that are in our control to live a peaceful and successful life. The book was released on Amazon this week.

Fazaldin believes that it is normal to blame external factors for our failures. However, he states that by following the “ABC Rule” – Acceptance, Belief, Change – we can learn to rise from our misfortunes and manage to achieve our goals and dreams. Practically, this means learning to accept our situation and focusing on matters that are within our control.

As an author, financial advisor, and life coach, Fazaldin shares his perspective that “The faster we learn to accept that the problem is internal and not external, the quicker we can work towards achieving our goals.”

“After accepting where we are, whether it’s in a particular situation or a life phase, we will realize we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing, and we’ll first need to believe that we can grow out of it and become better. After following these steps, change is inevitable, and we’ll be able to taste success in achieving our goals, targets, and dreams,” said Fazaldin.

Fazaldin concludes that change doesn’t happen overnight but through consistent self-reminders and conscious efforts of switching our focus inwards, towards ourselves.

“I have known Shameel for many years, and he is one of the most positive, uplifting, and inspiring people I know. In life, people are looking for two things, firstly hope, and secondly leadership; and the ability to provide hope is through great leadership. With my hand on heart, I can say that Shameel is a true leader. He stands out from the rest, and as all great leaders do, he makes people around him feel great. They say you are the average of your five closest friends. I would want to have Shameel in my closest five.” – Testimonial by Dr. Mahmood Mawjee, Sales and Speaking Power Coach; London, United Kingdom.

“I met Shameel at a point in my life where I was exploring myself and my horizons in a very intrinsic way. Beyond the routine work at my office and a terrestrially programmed life at home, I wanted to lead my life in a more contending way. This is where Shameel rescued me and guided me like a ray of light in the dark night. He is truly a gem of a person both at a personal and professional level. Writing about him, I can never justify his caliber in my simple words.” – Testimonial by BANDANA KUMAR, Senior Design Manager – Fashion & Retail, Bangalore, INDIA

A Free Chapter from the book can be downloaded from Shameel Fazaldin’s website.

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