Love Vibration Nation Music gets massive support pre-release for CoCreators Look up Ibiza mixes.

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Kiss FM UA, Kiss FM Uk, Capitol Radio UK, 96.7 FM Canada, Only1 Radio France, Multiple USA Billboard, Beat Media UK, Megapolis 89.5 RU, XL Radio early strong supporters.

Florida (PRUnderground) August 9th, 2017

Love Vibration Nation Music announced today that The CoCreators Featuring D.O.T.U Look Up, The Ibiza Mixes Volume 1, is receiving outstanding support from Global Radio community in early returns after first week of promotion.

Kiss FM UA, Kiss FM Uk, Capitol Radio UK, 96.7 FM CA, Only 1 Radio France, Multiple Billboard Djs United States, My House Radio FM, Beat Media UK, Megapolis 89.5 RU, XL Radio, KKFI FM, Trax FM early supporters.

(DJ/club support is underway and will appear in the follow up to this release.)



Look Up release dates and links:

Promo Pre Order now on Traxsource with exclusive sales period begining August 11th: 

Pre Order now on beatport for August 25th sales date:

Forthcoming release link Juno Download:

Global release date August 25th in over 350 online stores and streaming services.

“This release is quite unique and has musical styles for all tastes in house music.” Says Marco DiCristo President of Love Vibratio Nation Music(LVN). “As a label boss and one of The CoCreators, it warms my heart that we were able to work with DeepDownDirty records in the UK and their producers to collaborate on these mixes and produce a full spectrum of Ibiza sounds. We were blessed to do very well with our first ep and chose Look Up to remix for 2 reasons: First, we never got the chance to put the full D.O.T.U. vocal in the original mix due to time constraints so we only previously released a vocal dub. Second, The message contained in The D.O.T.U vocal is a message of hope and love. This is what house music is all about. When people meet up every year in Ibiza and in music festivals around the world for that matter, they don’t judge each other, they just come together through the music. We had such a special experience working through our own mix as well as the mixes we did with DeepDownDirty records. It was Love, Patience, Music, Togetherness. Couldn’t have been a better experience. We thank all remixers for their outstanding work and willingness to go the extra mile and accept our input where needed. I can speak for The CoCreators and LVN as a whole when I say this really touched us in our souls. We are confident Look Up The Ibiza Mixes Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Due In September) will do the same for all that listen. These early returns from North-South America, Asia and Europe clearly demonstrate that the world wants to remember we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and that #LoveIsTheAnswer.”

Maya Stone Director of DeepDownDirty records in the UK added:”DeepDownDirty is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Love Vibration Nation on this remix of the Co-Creators’ track ‘Look Up’; it has been truly a meeting of minds as we share this same philosophy.  We think you, the listener, will be delighted with the results: music spanning a broad spectrum of underground sounds, made with love, by the DeepDownDirty team; tracks guaranteed to get music lovers moving on dance floors everywhere.”

In related news, Love Vibration Nation announced The #LoveIsTheAnswer Radio show starring The CoCreators and The Late Nite Dancer is under way with press forthcoming. “This has been a tremendous year for us so far with our success in releases on Love Vibration Nation Music and our fast rising Sub Label #R3UK charting consistently.” Says Marco DiCristo. “We made a commitment to be players within the multimedia broadcast community with unique properties where we can continue to spread a pure message of Love and Music without ego. #LoveIsTheAnswer Radio show is one of those outlets that keeps us in touch with our fans. The CoCreators and The Late Nite Dancer are the perfect team to bring our message to the world.”

More announcements on #LoveIsTheAnswer radio show are expected and will be released as they become available.

About Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC

Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC is a record label and publishing company specializing in House Music. We are members of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 2016. The label’s music is distributed under Sony Music Group umbrella & MN2S ( aggregated to 300 plus of the top stores and music streaming services around the world.

Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC is the home of The CoCreators.

Love Vibration Nation solely operates and owns sub Label R3UK, specializing in underground house music genres.

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