Mary Pickford Is Back For Her Second Pandemic

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Mary Pickford founded Hollywood before the Spanish Flu Pandemic and, coined the ‘Mother of Hollywood,’ kept Hollywood alive during one of the most devastating times in human history. She is now back a century later to instill hope during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Mary Pickford founded The Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund in 1921, supporting freelance workers and artists in times of crisis. MPTF is currently working hard to keep that vision alive.

Los Angeles, Calif. (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2020

The film “Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto,” directed by Jennifer DeLia, is an homage to the incredible contributions Mary Pickford made to the world of cinema. Through elaborate artistic expression and the combination of new and old film techniques, viewers get to witness Mary’s years of trial and triumph in the industry. From her early years of demanding fair compensation to being the first actor to have her name on a marquee, producing her own films, founding United Artists Agency and The Academy, Mary did not let obstacles stand in her way. She thrived during the pandemic, and the film “Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto” reminds us of what can be done even in the face of global adversity.

Teaser billboards for the film are appearing all over Hollywood and can be viewed at the following locations, Billboard art by Burton Machen:

  • Beverly NS 10ft W/O Laurel F/W – 1
  • Beverly SS 50ft W/O Hayworth F/E – 1
  • 3rd NS 15ft E/O Flores F/W – 1
  • 3rd SS 100ft W/O Cochran F/E – 2

Director Jennifer DeLia stepped into the heart of Pickford to create a film that instills hope and love back into the art of storytelling. DeLia truly unveils the ‘girl behind the curls.’ 'Photo credit: Dietmar Kohl'

For more information, follow @jennifer.delia & @marypickfordmovie on INSTAGRAM. “Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto” is currently an independently produced film, made by a powerful team of international producers. French producer team Nitsa Benchetrit and Martine Melloul, round out the team of creators.

Contact info:

Name: Sherry Lynn


Phone Number: 323-313-0809

Mary Pickford’s movie shows the life of a young woman in the 1900s who grew her fame in the motion pictures industry, becoming the first-ever celebrity and movie star icon. The movie is a snapshot of a woman who breathed life into a foundation for creative vision and, through her stories and vulnerability, gave hope. Jennifer DeLia (Director, Producer and Co-Writer) began directing in 2008, having directed the sold-out Off-Broadway run of PHOENIX at the iconic Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City, starring Julia Stiles and James Wirt and written by Scott Organ. Jennifer has nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, having come up through physical production on major motion pictures such as Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” and international director Wong Kar Wai’s “My Blueberry Nights.” The collection of Jennifer’s experiences breathes life into her philosophy of creating cutting-edge projects with the utmost creative integrity and passion.

Jennifer hosts a chat series and podcast called “Humanizing The Icon,” discussing identity, fame, and idolization with artists, visionaries, and thought-leaders from around the world. YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Instagram: HumanizingtheIcon

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