Meet Playground Studio: The Austin Branding Agency Changing the Face of Visual Storytelling, Brand Development, and Design

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Coming up with brilliant ideas is just one part of the process; molding, organizing, and making them a reality is another

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) July 19th, 2022

What constitutes the difference between a company and a brand? Public response and perception. In other words, can the target audience resonate with the brand on a deeper level to become a fan rather than just a customer? Any company can be a large company with a decent amount of success, but it is no secret that organizations who successfully develop a brand story, voice, persona, and experience yield an unparalleled response from the public. Playground Studio is changing the face of modern brand development to usher in a new era of powerhouse brands fueled by passion and purpose.

The Austin-based branding agency specializes in creating unforgettable experiences through strategic visual storytelling, brilliant brand development, and innovative design. Born in NYC with offices in Austin and Latin America, Playground Studio brings over a decade of experience to curate purposeful, effective brands worthy of representing any dream or idea. Serving businesses of all shapes and sizes across various industries, Playground Studio ensures that every project is approached with all of the energy and excitement of a playground at recess.

Playground Studio sits at the forefront of brand evolution, breathing new life into modern business initiatives with eloquence, innovation, precision, impact and purpose. The Playground Studio strategy is the driving force behind all processes, carefully constructed to ensure an electric and seamless dynamic between collaborators, in an environment that encourages open communication and fluid feedback. As a result, the final creative product is the refinement of an exhilarating show-and-tell of ideas.

From naming, logo design, brand guidelines, print collateral, web design, copyediting, packaging, 3D animations, virtual reality, and everything in between, Playground Studio pushes the limits of traditional practices and norms to build brands that do not only survive but thrive.

“Our value is defined by the effort of every person that makes up our team, as individuals and as a whole.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to curating purposeful, effective brands, Playground Studio’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Playground Studio

Playground Studio is an Austin-based Branding Agency specializing in visual storytelling, brand development, and design for some of the world’s most notable companies. Born in NYC with offices in Austin & Latin America, Playground Studio leverages ten years of strategic branding experience to produce an unparalleled creative experience that is rooted in purpose. Founded by Enrique Ramirez and Diego Lares, Playground Studio offers a wide variety of services ranging from strategy and graphic identity creation to digital, print, and 3D design. Playground Studio’s work spans several industries, from start-ups and small businesses on more limited budgets, to large-scale real estate developments.

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