Millennial Services Announces Customer Communication Partnership with Ray Tax Group

Industry: Online Services

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2020

Millennial Services, LLC is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the Ray Tax Group for inbound call center services and working emails. The Ray Tax Group is a well-respected property tax reduction company, helping clients dispute property taxes in Texas. 

Millennial has joined The Ray Tax group to start a fully customized customer support solution that includes inbound calls and email support. Millennial Services and The Ray Tax Group worked together to create the best solution for Ray’s clients. Through Millennial, Ray clients can get help signing up for services, learn some of the basics of what Ray provides, and check on the statuses of their cases.

Much like The Ray Tax Group, Millennial Services operates solely in the US. Through this partnership, clients of The Ray Tax Group can get the updates that they need without any unnecessary delays. 

“The Ray Tax Group provides a unique service with a unique platform,” says Logan Rush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Millennial Services. “They provide property tax burden relief — a service that is often done by large, impersonal tax mills. But they do it in such a way that it provides a boutique experience. The Ray Tax Group really lets clients feel seen and heard — which is exactly what we set out to do here at Millennial. Our Team is very ready to help The Ray Tax Group keep fulfilling their mission.” 

Millennial Services leads the way in customer communication, providing uniquely customized solutions. Millennial has expanded these communication options for over a decade. Now, Millennial provides inbound and outbound communications solutions for many industry leaders, including well-recognized giants like Angie’s List and The Chicago Sun-Times. 

In order to provide customized solutions and a dedicated U.S.-only customer support team, Millennial is a fully managed end-to-end solution, and maintains their own infrastructure and recruiting and training for all call center customer service representatives, inclusive of rigorous quality assurance standards. Millennial’s mission is to integrate seamlessly into the client’s workflow and become an integral part of the aligned extended partner solutions team. 

To make sure that they always provide the best for their clients, Millennial Services maintains a high commitment to quality assurance. Its standards remain unmatched in the industry. This quality assurance is just one part of Millennial’s mission to align with their clients’ work systems and provide the most seamless and well-structured transitions. 

Through this partnership with The Ray Tax Group, Millennial Services stands committed to providing excellent customer service to Ray clients. If you’d like to learn more about Millennial services

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