MobiChord, a Leading Technology Expense Management Company, Names New Chief Architect

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One of the country’s top-ranked technology expense management companies welcomes new Chief Architect to its Salt Lake City-based headquarters.

Sandy, Utah (PRUnderground) October 29th, 2019

As one of the fastest-growing technology software and solution companies in America, MobiChord is charting a strong course toward the future. Assisting at the forefront of that charge is Adrienne Dorais, a well-known integrations expert who has just been named as MobiChord’s Chief Architect.

MobiChord started as a small company determined to disrupt the technology expense management industry. In the past few years, they have grown by 729% — a feat that landed them as #612 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing U.S. companies.

MobiChord automates technology expense management, tracking costs, assets, and services with digital workflows on the ServiceNow platform. This allows companies to integrate previously isolated expense management efforts within individual departments into a seamless, streamlined, company-wide solution. The result is the elimination of costly errors and redundancies, saving organizations precious time and money.

As the new Chief Architect, Dorais will integrate IT processes to help MobiChord function at peak efficiency internally and provide excellent service for its clients. This is familiar ground for Dorais, who has managed over 100 major integration projects in her career.

Since MobiChord operates on the Service Now platform to digitize workflows, Dorais is uniquely qualified for the position. She has over 10 years of experience working with ServiceNow and has a multitude of ServiceNow certifications.

Herbert Uhl, CEO and Co-Founder at MobiChord, said that Dorais has the experience to manage challenges from multiple fronts. “She has been a release manager, a pod lead, a director of internal training, a software architect, and a lead architect on more than a dozen Fortune 500 projects,” said Uhl. “In all of these different hats, she has been praised for her strong communications skills and commitment to solving problems through teamwork.”

Dorais will join the MobiChord team in their quest to help companies simply and seamlessly eliminate the waste and headaches that are common to technology expense management.

“So many companies are still doing their reporting, ordering, and allocations with clumsy manual processes, but there’s a better way,” said Uhl. “With MobiChord, these processes can be easily automated so companies have time to focus on the really important work of customer service and growth.”

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About MobiChord

MobiChord aims to change the way telecom is managed. Composed of enterprise telecom management experts, the company believes that an efficient way to improve telecom productivity is through automation.

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