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Mormo Zine Releases Shock Movie “Tattoo Maniac”

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The new movie "Tattoo Maniac" showcases popular horror media and guerrilla marketing outfit Mormo Zine live streaming adventures from the local tattoo shop, culminating in the tattoo of a lifetime.

Branson, MO (PRUnderground) April 11th, 2023

Many people argue that tattoos and horror films have entered the mainstream. While this may be the case, both niches are still loved by those willing to step outside the box. In that spirit cult personality, Mormo Zine, known for his indie film work, horror-theme product endorsements, and popular marketing instructionals – often delivered in Viking war paint, has announced the recent release of the new movie “Tattoo Maniac.” The film was initially live-streamed over multiple social media platforms and is now available on Gumroad for any price fans feel fair to pay. The initial response to the release has been passionate and enthusiastic, mixed with a bit of shock. Mormo Zine does not disappoint.

“I’ll do anything as long as I’m getting paid,” remarked Mormo Zine, star of the film. “Tattoo Maniac was something different, and I know people are enjoying it.”

Another key figure in the plot line of the new film is KingCobraJFS. KingCobraJFS is a gothic bad boy and internet celebrity, and his tribute tattoo is really the star of the show. He has over 50K subscribers on YouTube for his antics, his own Reddit, and fans who loyally follow his work. “Tattoo Maniac” was partly inspired by Mormo Zine’s interest in KingCobraJFS, and the movie features Ol Curly Jaws getting a tribute tattoo to the rising social media influencer.

Expect more film work from Mormo Zine soon.

Michelle S., from Boston, remarked in a five-star review, “I have followed Mormo Zine for years now, so this was a dream come true. Tattoo Maniac is amazing. I am surprised Mormo Zine doesn’t charge more for his work. I am diving into his marketing stuff soon!”

“Tattoo Maniac” can be purchased on Gumroad for whatever you think is a fair price and can be streamed or downloaded. Buy here:

About Mormo Zine

Mormo Zine is a schizoaffective man living in Branson, MO.

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