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Nano-Care Deutschland AG Releases Cutting Edge Invisible Coating With Permanent Antimicrobial Effect

Industry: Manufacturing

Breaking new ground Nano-Care Deutschland AG has released a “wipe on” invisible coating that delivers a permanent hygienic/anti-microbe protection for medical and home use.

Saarwellingen, Germany (PRUnderground) November 28th, 2018

Stopping the spread of harmful microbes is vitally important not just in places like medical centers, but also in homes when families are trying to keep illnesses to a minimum. Unfortunately, there’s been a limited number of easy-to-use options in this area. Stepping up to help is Nano-Care Deutschland AG, a spin-off of Leibniz Institute of New Materials Saarbrücken (INM), who recently released a remarkable new product – a “wipe on” invisible coating with permanent antimicrobial effects, that is useful everywhere from hospitals or doctor’s offices, to toilet seats in homes. The new product is drawing a great deal of positive attention from a variety of different sectors.

“Besides medical applications which require intensive examination we focus on its use in everyday life,” commented Oliver Sonntag, CEO of Nano-Care AG. “Everything touched by hand in daily life, constitutes a potential source of infection. We expect this to become broadly popular and used on items like smartphones, touchscreens, keyboards, the computer mouse, steering wheels, door pulls, toilet lids, in wet rooms, on fitness products, on shoes and handrails, just to name a few possibilities.”

Remarkably, the “wipe-on” product provides any kind of hard surface with a self-disinfecting performance for a period of several months all the way up to a quite incredible several years. It acts as an effective barrier against a wide range of germs (including MRSA which has been a problem in many healthcare facilities), along with things like mold, fungi, yeast and other forms of odor and sickness causing bacteria.

Using this new product requires absolutely no special training and is just wiped on the surfaces that need to be protected. The company is also making every effort to keep the price point attractive so that as many institutions and families can benefit from its powerful protection as possible.

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About Nano-Care Deutschland AG

Following the spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM) in 2000, Nano-Care Deutschland AG developed transparent surface coatings (known as nano or ceramic coatings) as an alternative to PTFE and fluorocarbons. The strategy of reactive innovation pursued from 2016 to 2018 has enabled Nano-Care to become a system supplier to large-scale companies in the textile, automobile and mechanical engineering industries, with partners in over 70 countries.

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