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New Book “…And Carry On!” Delivers Powerful Stories About Extraordinary Children

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Is happiness destiny, an random accident, or a choice? Author Sebastian Kopanski gives the inspiring answered in “...And Carry On!” taught to him by some very special kids.

Swindon, England (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2019

Sebastian Kopanski – a parent, teacher and life coach – based in England, UK, is launching a book which shows that everyone can chose to live happy lives despite enormous challenges. Challenges which some people would call a ‘tragedy’ or ‘unbearable burden’.

The book called “…And Carry On!” is inspired from Sebastian’s work with extraordinary young people and their very brave parents.

These amazing children do not have self-pity and carry on! They bring happiness into their own lives and lives of others.

“I cannot see anything because I’m blind,” says Oliver. Tosia is bullied because she was born abroad. “I often feel anxiety” says Hannah who has autism. Jo is a girl who has a boy’s body. “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t disabled” says Lewis who needs other people’s help with most of everyday tasks. Josh felt very angry at his dad after he had died. “But most of the time I can only feel sounds” says Eve who is deaf.

Accept this unique invitation and spend one day with each child. Be with them from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. Find out what their lives are like and what helps them to carry on.

Sebastian Kopanski wrote these beautiful and powerful stories just readers, whether a child or a parent!

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About Sebastian Kopanski

Sebastian Kopanski is a coach, teacher, and author who specializes in helping parents build stronger relationships with children and teenagers.

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