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New Documentary Lacuna Gives an Inside Look at Wealthy Chinese Families Forced to Live Apart

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Lacuna Director/Producer Scarlett Adele explores stresses on the Chinese marriage as business couples explore new found freedom and opportunities overseas.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) October 19th, 2017

China: where the archaic and traditional flourishes right alongside the modern world at its brightest, fastest moving and most demanding. For a person not from the country or deeply in tune with Chinese spirit seeing how these cultural influences push and pull can be confusing at best. Director and Producer Scarlett Adele and Jing Chen shine a light on the latest developments in her new documentary Lacuna, exploring the lives of China's new powerhouse women business elite – many of whom are living and working for most of the year outside of China's borders, building corporate and business success stories, but often at the cost of their own marriages and family contentment. The film is already winning international praise for its compelling subject matter, its well written and sensitive approach to cross cultural and gender issues and beautiful real life visuals.

“Being an Australian born Chinese woman I knew it was important to share some insight that viewers could likely value from or find interesting in Lacuna,” commented Scarlett, whose passion for the project couldn't be any clearer. “For generations traditional Chinese values viewed business success, a woman's role in a company or at home in certain very fixed, static and clear ways, Now things are changing economically, politically and culturally in China everyday, but these new situations also present challenges – and these should be stepped into with open minds. We hope Lacuna will encourage awareness and spark constructive conversations. It's a global world and we are all part of it.”

According to Lacuna, the former immigration models seen from countries like China revolved around one member of the family going to foreign countries alone, working very hard to build their own businesses and then often calling for their family members to later join them. Lacuna illustrates the more recent developments coming from China, where new wealthy Chinese immigrants choose to live in separate countries to their spouses.

Most often this has been seen with the Chinese women working in a foreign country whilst her husband remains in China. In some cases families are only reunited a few times at most in an entire year.

Lacuna has been filmed in both English and Chinese. So far the film has won a well regarded Chinese TV Artists Association Award (CTAA) and will be being shown at the popular Chinese America Film Festival in Los Angeles, at the end of October, 2017.

For the great many interested in Chinese culture, Chinese/international relationships, the changing face of women in the workforce worldwide and many other timely and compelling topics, Lacuna is certainly delivering in a very big way.

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About Scarlett Adelle

Scarlett Adelle is an innovative, Australian Film Producer and Director on the rise. The documentary Lacuna is her latest work.

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