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Nika Nikoubin, AKA Nika Borouj, Charts Debut Album ‘Spaceman-EP’ on iTunes Top 200 Pop Charts

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Rising pop icon Nika Borouj is an award-winning top charter whose music can be found on all digital streaming platforms

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) February 26th, 2023

Nika Nikoubin, also known as Nika Borouj, released her first debut EP Album on January 10, 2023. On February 20, 2023, her album appeared on the top 200 pop charts on iTunes.

Nika Borouj, a Persian pop artist, started her music career as early as ten years old, taking music and voice lessons, from singing in her school choir to performing in showcase performances. Nika has received numerous awards for her talents as a musician and a rating of 1 on her UIL Solo competition in Lubbock, Texas, two years in a row, receiving a standing ovation. Inspired by Lady Gaga and Lana Del Ray, Nika recorded and released her first debut album, “Spaceman-EP,” on all major platforms.

“Spaceman-EP” presents vibrant energy and spontaneous lyricism. Nika expresses the theme of love through metaphors of the space world. Songs on this album stand up as energetic and enthusiastic and have a radio feel to the music. She also recorded and released a music video for her title track, “Spaceman,” on her YouTube Channel, which has received over 42 thousand views so far. Although her music video has received controversy in the news media, questions arise on whether she should be allowed to continue to produce music videos, a debatable topic.

Nika Borouj, singer and songwriter, whose recent accomplishments have been highlighted on iTunes Top Charts, shows that Nika Borouj is a fantastic artist. “I am truly grateful to everyone who has listened to my music and all the help I’ve received from my first EP Album,” Nika says. Despite facing recent personal struggles, Nika Borouj has tried hard to maintain her grip on pop music, and she isn’t going to lose her passion anytime soon.

Nika also plans to finish her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Dallas and continue her music journey to achieve greatness.Stay up to date with Nika’s music on Apple Music and at

About Nika Borouj

Nika Borouj is a singer/songwriter whose pop singles can be found on major digital streaming platforms.

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