No Disputin’ Putin from country / pop / rock pioneer Ron E Buckpitt

Industry: Music

Track Title: No Disputin Putin Genre: Country / Pop / Rock Launch Date: 17th August 2022 ISRC Code: AU-E9M-22-00019

Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) September 2nd, 2022

Artist Location: Australia

Growing up as an 8 year old in 1961 in a small bush town called Moree NSW, 10 hours train time North West of Sydney, Ron attended a small Catholic school taught by the Sisters of Mercy.

Sister Banarto, a very old Nun, was his Religion teacher (she would be 135 if she was alive today!) The kids thought the old Nun was crazy and a fanatic about Stalin and communism. She would ask “If the Russian soldiers come, they will ask – do you believe in Jesus Christ? If you say yes, they will kill you, if they say no, they will let you go – what are you going to say?”On several nights, Ron, the budding alter boy was settled by his mother after nightmares on this subject. It seems ironic that this old 69 year old pop/rock pioneer would write and record a song called “No Disputin Putin” from a kids perspective over 60 years later.

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