Nuvi Delivers Industry-Leading, Actionable Market Research Data through its Innovative Social Listening Tools

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Nuvi Listen empowers enterprise marketers to gather actionable insights from plentiful and unbiased social media data with its data collection, visualization, and proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine

Lehi, UT (PRUnderground) August 19th, 2020

Nuvi, the leading enterprise Social Customer Experience (CX) platform, enhances an enterprise company’s market research capabilities with its best-in-class social analytics tools. Nuvi’s social analytics tools are built on a proprietary language engine which provides access to valuable social data for market research.  

Gathering customer, industry, and competitor data across the social and internet sphere is critical to market research today. The pace at which economic environments and audience sentiment can shift requires real-time insight if an organization is to have optimal maneuverability and adaptability. With highly detailed social analytics, Nuvi enables enterprise businesses to discover location, sentiment, emotion, intent, and more social customer behavior trends, whether they be in relation to the brand, a competing brand, or the industry as a whole.

Nuvi’s Proprietary Language Engine breaks social language down in unique ways to display market trends 

Nuvi’s suite of social analytic solutions assist brands in discovering and utilizing unsolicited consumer feedback, free from the bias of formal surveys or interviews. Social analytics can highlight customer perception of a brand, indicate the success or failure of product launches or press releases, and identify rising trends that a brand should utilize.

Analysis of social customer behavior trends can indicate gaps in customer experience or market intelligence. Nuvi’s social customer experience solutions help companies fill in those gaps and provide unparalleled, closely-tailored experiences for their customers that develop long-term customer loyalty. 

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About Nuvi

Nuvi is a customer experience management and social analytics software platform built on an industry-leading language engine.  Nuvi helps you listen, plan, publish, engage, analyze, locate, review, and capture your way to better customer experiences.

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