One Click Smile Honors Best Friend Day with Free-for-Friends Teeth Whitening Kit

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Creators of at-home teeth whitening kits launch “buy one, get one free for a friend” promotion

North Willoughby, Australia (PRUnderground) June 5th, 2020

A smile is a universal symbol for happiness, and few things bring happiness like the companionship of a best friend. In celebration of National Best Friends Day on June 8, One Click Smile is offering customers the chance to snag a free teeth whitening kit for their best friends with a buy-one, get-one-free promotion.

One Click Smile was started by Dental Hygienist Tanaz Warden, who became frustrated with prohibitively expensive teeth whitening procedures at the dentist’s office and at-home options that failed to deliver results. To solve this problem, she and her pharmacist husband applied years of testing and research to develop convenient, at-home teeth whitening kits that can effectively lighten teeth by anywhere from two to eight shades.

Tanaz said that having been supported by many close friends in her lifetime, she is excited to offer the “buy one, get one free for a friend” special through June 10 to honor National Best Friends Day.

“As we’re seeing right now with the pandemic, life can throw a lot of difficult things at people, and the support system of good friends can make all the difference in how people cope both mentally and physically,” said Tanaz.

A 2015 analysis of data on 3.4 million people conducted at Brigham Young University showed that the absence of social connections posed health risks equal to smoking up to 15 cigarettes per day and that loneliness led to worse physical ramifications than obesity.

“Friends aren’t just a nice luxury, they’re critical for happy, healthy lives,” said Tanaz.

Congress established Best Friends Day in 1935, and though interest in the holiday waned in subsequent years, it has made a comeback with the advent of social media. Today, the observance fills social media channels with a barrage of photos of “besties” bearing the “#nationalbestfriendsday” hashtag.

One Click Smile customers can use the discount code BestFriend2020 to have their free kit delivered to a friend with the purchase of one kit. The kit comes with specialized teeth whitening products, to include a whitening accelerator light and brush pen, which allows for precise application of the whitening agent without pain or gum sensitivity. There are no messy trays, and the entire whitening process can be accomplished in just 10 minutes for 6 days straight.

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