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Option Circle Launches First Social Platform Where Expert Options Traders Share Secret Strategies

Industry: Financial Services

OptionCircle.com provides options traders with exclusive community for learning, networking, and earning

San Jose, CA (PRUnderground) October 5th, 2022

Trading Circle, Inc. today announced the launch of Option Circle, the world’s first social platform where all options traders can form their own network, gain real-time views from expert traders, and learn to perform like an expert trader or institutional investor. Option Circle is a truly robust non-brokerage platform that informs and empowers retail investors with easy-to-use research, tools, tournaments, real-time option chains, sweeps data, unusual options trade detection, sector heatmaps, leap option recommendations, pre/post-earnings analysis, and more. Option Circle is free for any options trader to join, allowing traders to share strategies with one another in an open forum. Traders can also choose to subscribe to an Option Circle Platinum Club, a community of elite options traders who interact, educate, and earn. Through these unique offerings, Option Circle brings traders a new way to gain leverage among the constantly evolving and crowded marketplace.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Option Circle as the premier social platform for options traders who want to gain expertise and turn it into optimal returns,” said Shishu Bedi, Chief Executive Officer, Trading Circle, Inc. “This is an incredible opportunity to democratize the options trading space with a new way to establish a network, optimize alpha, and have fun while learning to trade options.”

Option Circle includes several notable features, including:

  • Trading tools to assist traders in selecting a strategy
  • Unlimited paper trading to practice before putting down real cash
  • Options trading tournaments with awards and certificates
  • Opportunity to learn and grow returns by leveraging the previously secret strategies of experts

A partner of the NASDAQ and the NYSE, Option Circle presents a comprehensive platform for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced traders to learn options trading and reap the benefits during any market condition. Traders learn through discussion boards, forums, and even live sessions held during the pre-market, market, and post-market hours. Traders have the opportunity to learn both basic and advanced options strategies, regardless of their experience level. The days of scouring YouTube videos or questionable online forums for advice are over. With Option Circle, all traders now have a dedicated resource for knowledge acquisition, developing fundamentals, and sharing key insights.

With Platinum Club membership, traders can learn from the strategies used by Platinum Clubs, analysts who have gone through a rigorous application review process and who possess a proven and consistent track record demonstrating they have the knowledge to execute advanced options trading strategies.

This mentorship and strategy-sharing model brings previously unavailable expertise to traders who are eager to learn and prosper in the market. With this model, subscribers can see a Platinum Club member’s trades, such as “TSLA Unbalanced Put Butterfly,” see the returns it generated, and decide whether it’s a trade they would like to mimic in their own brokerage account. This intimate and unprecedented visibility provides traders with a substantial advantage over other retail traders, who may be guessing or grasping at straws on the option chains.

Option Circle also leverages a legion of fully autonomous trading bots to monitor the market and enter options trades automatically. Users can learn from the trades or just use them for inspiration. The bots follow systematic algorithms rendering them immune to human emotions and influence. They are able to trade consistently through a variety of market conditions, unlike humans, who may panic in certain market conditions. Option Circle’s bots are able to maintain consistent strategies and consistently profit, an extremely valuable attribute in a volatile post-pandemic market environment. In simulated back-testing, some of the algorithms were able to achieve profits exceeding 50% per year.

The world of options trading can be daunting for those who are unprepared. Whether it’s puts, calls, naked calls, bull calls, or a long straddle, traders should never stop learning, practicing, and remaining ready to seek alpha wherever it may lie. With Option Circle, traders have experts on their side. With sophisticated screening tools, technical analysis, news flow with sentiment gauges, and access to a library of educational tools, the new trader is empowered and propelled toward a greater chance of success. Option Circle values fundamentals, offering daily or weekly educational webinars, events, and sessions to explain and teach many complicated topics in a simplified manner. These sessions are led by distinguished educators and experts. The goal at Option Circle is to level the playing field for retail traders and investors.

Option Circle is available free for all traders with a choice to upgrade to a mid-level membership for $99 per month or an Option Trader Pro membership for $199 per month. Yearly memberships are also available at attractive rates. Users can rise from bronze, silver, or gold to the Platinum Club level over time, based on their skills. Platinum Club members can then offer paid subscriptions to other users, with the ability to set their own subscription fees. Traders can sign up now at www.OptionCircle.com and gain access to real-time trade alerts from experts and important trading tools, empowering them to learn to trade and grow like institutional investors.

Option Circle President and CEO Shishu Bedi can be made available for select in-person interviews with television news media in San Jose or the San Francisco Bay Area or select Zoom interviews with media outlets worldwide.

About Option Circle

Based in San Jose, California, Option Circle is part of Trading Circle, Inc., led by the entrepreneurs and philanthropists Shishu Bedi and Vinesh Goyal. Traders can create a free account at OptionCircle.com or utilize the Option Circle app to learn and grow with the markets. Option Circle believes that every retail investor should be empowered with better information, tools, services, and opportunities at low cost. Such tools, until now, were only available to professionals and institutional investors. Option Circle is committed to building a world-class platform with a team of knowledgeable, passionate individuals and leaders with decades of options trading experience.

All information and information shared on www.optioncircle.com are opinions, thoughts, and comments. These are not any sort of investment advice. Users are responsible for making their own choices. Option Circle is designed for educational purposes only.

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