Pactera EDGE Launches Global COVID-19 Symptom Tracker To Harness Critical Pandemic Data

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Urges General Public Participation to Help Medical Researchers Learn More about the Coronavirus

Redmond, WA (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2020

Pactera EDGE, a leading global digital solution provider for the data-driven, intelligent enterprise, announced today the launch of a unique Global COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, a data collection portal that allows volunteer participants to log, track, and update their COVID-19 symptoms.

The goal of the non-commercial global initiative is to collect crowdsourced information relating to COVID-19 and its symptoms. Pactera EDGE’s AI enablement platform, OneForma, will aggregate that data and then share it with medical researchers worldwide. The goal is to establish a massive data bank of self-reported symptoms from participants on a global basis.

This is the first and only COVID-19 symptom tracker that can be accessed by anyone globally, and in multiple global languages. After making it initially available to 100,000 users of its popular OneForma AI platform,  Pactera EDGE has chosen to expand the reach and impact of the anonymous survey – by urging members of the public to take part in the program as well.

“We really wanted to build an easy-to-use platform that democratizes access and participation,” said Ahmer Inam, Pactera EDGE’s Chief AI Officer. “To enable that, we’ve made our tracker both mobile as well as web-enabled, and we plan to add international languages version shortly.”

“We have built an interface where people who suspect they have been infected can share input on their circumstances and symptoms, across geographies,” said Jonas Ryberg, Pactera EDGE’s Vice President of Digital Globalization Solutions. “Researchers have told us having accurate data is crucial to make the right decisions on how to respond, mitigate risk, and ultimately find a way to reduce the spread and number of fatalities. This tracker will supply them with such data.”

For those concerned about confidentiality, the Global COVID-19 Symptom Tracker does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) and allows participants to create an anonymized username and password for log-in purposes. The Tracker also asks users to share basic demographic information such as age range, gender identification, and city-level location data – none of which is traceable to the individual user. This allows the tracker to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR. The use of the tracker is totally free.

“So many members of the Pactera EDGE family, our employees, partners, and clients are located in the impacted hotspots like China, Italy, Spain, and in New York and Seattle in the U.S., and so this is very personal to us,” continued Inam. “It’s a way for us to help them, the society-at-large, and, at the same time, assist the community of healthcare workers and researchers who are giving it their all to protect us against this pandemic.”

To participate in the Global COVID-19 Symptom Tracker program please visit:

To learn more about Pactera EDGE and its services visit:

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