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Patterndipity is an exciting new product made exclusively for yarn crafters. It simplifies everything that is frustrating about the craft into one device!

East Troy, WI (PRUnderground) August 7th, 2020

Yarn Crafting is Getting an Upgrade!

For too long the technology world has overlooked the yarn craft industry. Aside from a few apps and websites that offer patterns that can be purchased in PDF form, there hasn’t been much excitement in the yarn-craft industry for many years, but that is about to change! Since over $4 Billion is spent on yarn-craft supplies each year in the US alone, it is about time that technology caught up to this growing industry. Patterndipity®, by Crochet Miracles, is going to change the world of yarn crafts for the better! By using technology to solve common problems that yarncrafters face, we are simplifying everything to enhance user enjoyment.

Yarn Supply Problems in Current Industry:

  • With over 28 million knitters and crocheters in the US, why do they still have to make multiple trips to multiple stores to get all the yarn they need for a project? Even for basic colors and brands?
  • In today’s online shopping environment, why are so many yarn-crafters unable to find all their favorite yarns and colors on one website?
  • Why isn’t there an easy way to figure out how much yarn you need when you want to use a different kind of yarn than the designer chose for the pattern?

Pattern Problems in Current Industry:

  • With all the technology available today, why are yarn crafters still looking through books and magazines to find patterns to purchase?
  • When they are available online, why isn’t there a consistent format and delivery method for purchasing them?
  • Why isn’t there an easier way to organize and store patterns so you can actually find them when you want to use them?

Project Tracking Problems in Current Industry:

  • Why are yarn crafters still using things like; clickers, rulers, notes, tally’s, and other outdated methods to keep track of where they are in their pattern/project?
  • Why isn’t there an easy way to track where you stopped so you can easily start again, to allow yarncrafters to enjoy their crafts on-the-go without a lot of fuss?

Patterndipity® by Crochet Miracles not only solves all these problems, it does even more!

For more details on this first-of-its-kind product, please visit

You can be one of the first people to use Patterndipity® by pre-ordering now, with special introductory pricing that won’t be available for long, through initial supplies are limited, so order today!

About Patterndipity LLC

Patterndipity is a first-of-it’s kind, product for knitters and crocheters that will transform the yarn craft industry; similarly to the way the Kindle transformed the book industry! We do this by creating access to great content and functionality in one, simple to use, platform that brings all aspects of your yarn-crafts to one place. You can shop, store, and organize patterns, order supplies that will ship right to your door, and you can even track your progress as you work through your projects right on your tablet!

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