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The author believes success is allowing ourselves to be happy

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2021

Unwavering Success with Jameson Chin, now on Amazon, is a touching and motivational book that will remind readers to take care of their well-being by practicing self-love and self-respect.

Chin’s successful career in sales has spanned across various companies in Asia for more than a decade. At his peak, he was selling high ticket items worth six figures. He’s now a motivational speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur — all roles in which he freely shares his vast knowledge and skills. His life goal is to inspire people to take action towards living a life of greatness and not one of mediocrity. Focusing on the struggles and hardships that we all go through and the emotional toll it can take on our well-being, he says: “You are the only person in your life who knows exactly how you are feeling, and you are the sole person who can allow yourself to feel however you want to feel.”

On the surface, Unwavering Success may seem like a simple book, but the life-changing techniques that it contains can transform businesses, health, habits, and almost every part of our life. Chin calls it Three Steps of Change:

  1. Realize
  2. Decide
  3. Action

“I encourage you to apply the three steps of change because I know you deserve better. If you’re looking and hoping for someone to change your life today, just know that that person is YOU, and you are absolutely worth it,” says Chin.

Prioritizing our emotional, mental, and physical safety is not an act of selfishness but rather of self-respect. Knowing how to set healthy boundaries will ensure your long-lasting happiness that others will come to respect.

Unwavering Success is for readers who struggle with self-love and need practical advice on how to be good to themselves.

“Jameson has not only always been a good friend of mine, but also a mentor in many aspects of my life. In the early days when we met through fishing, I’ve learnt from him that hard work, perseverance, and working smart is the formula for being successful and producing positive results. This very principle still applies to me in today’s context. Jameson is not only assiduous, but also quick-witted about the way he works. This has led to him achieving success in different aspects of his life and I admire him for that!” — Testimonial by Emerson Quek, Team Lead, Customer Service.

“I’ve been blessed to know Jameson Chin since 2014, and he has always been a student of the world’s teachings. He is always ever-ready to absorb and apply new information with a student mentality. Prior to that, I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with Jameson in business. His work ethic is second to none, but what amazes me is his heart of gold and his desire to not only personally succeed, but to help others succeed whilst he serves. I endorse Jameson Chin and if you are working with him, then you are working with me.” — Testimonial by Sashin Govender, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of The Millionaire Student.

The techniques of achieving self-love can be found in Unwavering Success with Jameson Chin, available on Amazon.

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