Pope Francis impresses America: Strong support for views on LGBT Community in the church

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General support for position on “Tyranny of Capitalism”

New York (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2013

Half of Americans (50%) have a positive impression of Pope Francis, according to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey conducted on November 28th – December 2nd   2013.

·       55% of Americans aged 55 + have a somewhat or very positive impression of Pope Francis.

·       Atheists have a very positive reaction to the pope (70% positive).

·       Only 4% of Atheists surveyed have a negative reaction compared to 7% of Catholics.

The retired pope, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) has low impression scores with only 22% of Americans maintaining a positive impression of him.  Pope Benedict is least popular among the younger American age group with 4 out of 10 Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 stating they have a somewhat or very negative impression.

Catholics have a more positive impression of Pope Benedict XVI than the general population, at 39% positive and 13% negative.  63% of Atheists surveyed, by comparison, have a negative impression.

Pope Francis has received much attention for some of his more liberal messages.  When asked to express his views on the gay community, Pope Francis affirmed: “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”

·       65% of Americans agree with Pope Francis’ view of gay people in the church

·       Only 12% of respondents surveyed stated they somewhat or strongly disagreed with the Pope’s statement.

·       63% of Atheists strongly agree with the pope’s declaration regarding gay people.

·       43% of Protestants strongly agree and 67% agree somewhat or strongly

The pope has stated that he would not currently consider the ordination of women. Despite American’s positive views of the pope only 24% agree with Pope Francis’ decision to not consider the ordination of women, with 42% of the women surveyed stating that they somewhat or strongly disagree with the pope’s stance on the ordination of women.

Since taking leadership of the Catholic Church Pope Francis has been a vocal opponent of unrestrained capitalism, which he describes as a “new tyranny.”  Furthermore the pope has urged global leader to fight poverty and growing inequality. Nearly half of Americans (48%) agree with Pope Francis’ view on capitalism, with less than a quarter (24%) disagreeing with the pontiff.  Higher earners (Americans with an income of over $80,000) are most likely to disagree with pope’s view on capitalism, with a third of higher income respondents (33%) surveyed stating they somewhat or strongly disagreed with the pope on this topic.

Note on Methodology

Total sample size was 1170 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 28th November and 2nd  December.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

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