PR Underground mentioned in Forbes article on the current state of press releases

Industry: In The News, Social Media Press Release

(PRUnderground) September 9th, 2013

Did you see PR Underground mentioned in the August 28th article on by PR guru Cheryl Snapp Conner?

The article, Press Releases Still Matter, But Not For The Reasons You Think looks at the new rules of press releases, and what it might take to get into the Wall Street Journal. While we may politely disagree on the value of a press release for SEO (there still is clearly some value for most businesses out there in getting a release into Google within minutes), she brings up a lot of great points. Here is her excerpt on

“Barbara Ling posted this release on PR Underground last week as a test. The results—true to the company’s promise, the release appeared within five minutes on the first page of Google News. …—highly impressive.”

Read the full article at In fact, Cheryl Snapp Conner writes on a variety of interesting communications and business topics that you should check out.


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