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St. Albert, Alberta (PRUnderground) February 9th, 2023

Data has become a modern asset in this Internet-driven world. Every business tasting success these days is one which understands the power of data along with a systematic approach to properly utilize the data. Data theft has become a common issue nowadays. It might put you at a greater risk as it may involve your personal details that could be misused. Protection has become mandatory, especially on the Internet. The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning computer repairer from St. Albert is wishing for a data-secured internet world. As a part of this, They have found some time to educate us on the protection of our personal systems from malware which can be of various types including viruses, worms, adware, trojan horse & spyware. Hence the list,

  • Stop activities that allow the easy spread of malware like downloading free software from unauthorized sources, secretly malware bundled legitimate software; visiting risky websites; clicking fake messages, mails and internet pop-up windows and so on.
  • Updating your operating system and other software on a regular basis can highly help you out because of its adaptation to new features available for strengthening the protection.
  • Only rely on trusted antivirus and encrypted secure networks that act as a strong wall in defending malware.
  • Practice using non-administrator accounts whenever possible as it can help you in limiting the usage of the software within the account.
  • Stay updated on the latest cyber-attacks which make you concentrate on preventional activities.
  • Always have a think before you click or install any page or software that is untrustful. It is always better to skip them.

Above-listed is the brief of methods available to stop malware attacks, finishes the team. It is always a burden to deal with malware as it can be extremely annoying and frustrating to resolve it. About 2 million varieties of malware threats are created every day. It is a tough deal to protect your systems without knowledge of the field. Hence get in touch with experts like Dr. Geek Computer Services for all of your system-related concerns.

Perks Of Choosing Dr. Geek Computer Services

Dr. Geek Computer Services was established with a mission to provide customers with a reliable, professional, and courteous onsite MAC and PC repair service at competitive prices. Their experience spans over 32 years in the industry. They have trained experts who are generous enough to visit your place and do the needful in any of your computer and IT-related disputes. They are proud to be the most reliable onsite computer and laptop repair in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. They also provide free computer and laptop recycling services. Get in touch with them at

Dr. Geek Computer Services says, “This is what makes our business unique from the competition. Staying successful also means staying relevant. As an expert in the IT field, it is important to maintain this status by committing to continuous learning”. Staying updated is a part of their service. Their experts can think out of the box and solve the problem in a timely manner for any issue. They have legendary customer service to satisfy their clients who are the building stones of their success.

Blue screen of death or error messages, frequent crashes, freezing or rebooting laptops, mac repair, parts upgrade, malware, spyware and virus removal, hardware and software troubleshooting, wireless and wired network setup, operating system installation and configuration, data recovery, unwanted software removal & new PC setup are some their common services.

It is the third time that Dr. Geek Computer Services has bagged the ThreeBestRated® award crossing its rigorous 50-Point Inspection. “We are privileged and incredibly honored to be listed again in ThreeBestRated®. It is an incredible recognition that keeps us motivated to be innovative in giving back to the community.”

About ThreeBestRated

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