Research from iData Unveils Rapid Growth in Surgical Robotics

Industry: Healthcare

In the public eye, as well as in the medical sector, the use of robotics systems is associated with cutting edge technology for procedural practices.

Vancouver, BC (PRUnderground) December 11th, 2019

Surgery has progressed from a risky art into a sophisticated and ever-evolving scientific discipline. One of the primary reasons for this is the advances in technology which has increased the types of procedures that are performed. From the use of image-guided surgery (IGS) or surgical navigation, to robotic-assisted surgery, patients are provided with improved procedure quality, indicated by spending less time in the hospital.

When investigating the surgical robotics market, iData Research discovered that the spine sector of healthcare is experiencing the most growth from robotic-assisted surgery. This segment is expected to exhibit the fastest growth rate in the total surgical robotics market. While systems related to spinal surgery is relatively new to the robotics market, their reception has been quite positive. A number of major spinal implant manufacturers are expressing a growing interest in the robotic-assisted spinal surgery segment, with future plans to enter the market. Massive growth in robotic assisted spinal surgery is thus projected at a volume of nearly 100,000 procedures to be performed in 2025.

In a statement from iData CEO, Kamran Zamanian,

“The clinical and economic benefits of robotic and navigation systems are tied to a more streamlined and efficient procedural and improved patient treatment. Particular benefits include a reduced likelihood of revision surgery. This ultimately reduces the length of hospital stay for patients, as well as costs for facilities. Therefore, a wide range of facilities can benefit from purchasing these systems.”

Top Competitors in The Surgical Navigation & Robotics Market

Medtronic is the leading the total market for surgical navigation. They hold a leading position in multiple segments of the market, including spine, neurosurgery and ENT navigation.

Intuitive Surgical on the other hand, has the largest market share in surgical robotics. This is thanks to their da Vinci system, which debuted back in 2000 and is currently updated to its fourth-generation model. Their current line of devices is primarily focused in the MIS segment of surgical robotics.

For Further Market Information

More insights like this on the global market (20 Countries) can be found in a 4,221 page series of studies published by iData Research entitled the Surgical Robotics and Navigation Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2019-2025 | MedSuite

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