Resources for Resilience: Bridging the Gap Between Generations in Times of Crisis

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This groundbreaking online course is helping young adults and grandparents cultivate unique and unparalleled connections to inspire resilience to face life’s challenges

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 8th, 2022

Life sure is hard sometimes, right? There is such a contrast between the ease and simplicity of life itself, and how tough life often becomes. When push comes to shove, everyone needs a little reminder of the miracle that is happening inside of them. Unfortunately, this country is currently experiencing a mental health epidemic among its youth unlike anything prior generations have ever seen. Why is this? How can generations come together to support one another? Humanity needs to bridge the gap to address these issues and champion resilience and character development.

Introducing Resources For Resilience, the online course strategically designed to unite young adults and their grandparents for the common good. Far too often in 2022, rhetoric circulates that generations are too distant to connect, too out of touch to understand one another, and too far gone to bring about sustainable change. However, RESOURCES is on a mission to change that narrative from the inside out.

The RESOURCES online course is designed to cultivate meaningful conversations, spark interactions between generations, and unite a world that is far too often divided. Intended for young adults aged 12 and older, RESOURCES highlights the unique challenges that adolescents face in those formidable years and how they can harness their inner strength within them to begin laying a firm foundation for a successful future.

RESOURCES was founded by Piece We Need, the spiritually-focused production company that developed a series of short animated videos focused on the qualities of rightful living. The online course brilliantly leverages the use of cutting-edge animation to communicate key points in a simple yet effective manner to encourage the pursuit of truth and strength.

At the end of the day — difficult challenges come up for everyone, and it seems the difficulties will build globally. There is a universal need to know all the resources for resilience that are available to everyone individually. No one can do it all alone. Help is often right around the corner; together we can begin to help the mental health epidemic plaguing the nation’s youth.

The perfect gift for grandparents or grandchildren this holiday season, the RESOURCES online course can be the foundation for meaningful conversation and serve to bridge the gap between generations. The core of this inspiration is discovering the inner strength and resources that are already within everyone, and how this can enable all individuals and families to face uncomfortable challenges. Piece We Need’s purpose-driven vision comes to fruition with the release of the RESOURCES course for young adults and their grandparents.

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About Resources For Resilience

Resources For Resilience is an online course intentionally designed to spark inquisitive and impactful conversations that yield instrumental impact between grandparents and young adults. Launched in 2022 under the parent company Piece We Need, Resources For Resilience is bridging the generational gap without condescension, judgment, intimidation or repercussions. RESOURCES creates a safe place and open forum for growth, cultivating inner strength, and encouraging transparent conversation while leveraging the power of cutting-edge animation to help visualize talking points.

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