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Rishi Khandelwal Highlights The Selection Over Education Agent For Studying Abroad. Why & How?

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Rishi Khandelwal Highlights The Selection Over Education Agent For Studying Abroad. Why & How? Finally Rishi Khandelwal view the factor that tops it all is communication.

Australia (PRUnderground) October 19th, 2020

Rishi Khandelwal Highlights The Selection Over Education Agent For Studying Abroad. Why And How? – Higher education in popular international destinations such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia attracts students from all over the world. Many students are confused if they should be putting in their application by themselves or use an agent. Also, while most candidates choose a local agent from the outbound country, there can be advantages of choosing and international agent based in the inbound country says Rishi Khandelwal. He is an experienced consultant, who has worked with many agents and students over the years.

The first issue is whether to apply through an educational agent. Most of the agents are renumerated by the universities and colleges through commission and do not charge students for their education counselling services. This should put many students’ minds at ease knowing that they will not be paying for the education enrolment process. However, some consultants are not compensated by the university and charge their students. While this may sound like a deal-breaker, Rishi Khandelwal suggests that the agents that are charging the students act in their best interest in choosing the institute and help with scholarships. Also, bear in mind that many students themselves don’t know what they want in terms of a course, location and career direction. Whatever might be your situation, it does not hurt to get advice from an educational agent and in most cases, you will realize it is easier applying through them as they should streamline the process for you.

But let’s suppose in your research you come across a better institute or course do check with the agent why they are recommending otherwise. If you find an unsatisfactory or inadequate answer that implies that the agent does not have links with your preferred institute or they might be getting better commission from another university or college. That is a red flag to proceed with that agent. You might have to apply yourself or look for another agent who represents the institute you are aiming for. Rishi Khandelwal has met hundreds of naïve candidates who arrive in a country starting a course and then have to change following semester as they realise that the course recommended to them has no value for them. Remember getting it right first time is the best outcome because changing a college costs time and money and all the effort you have put in first semester goes to waste.

Now comes the decision to choose which agent. Somebody in your locality or area seems the natural choice as you can meet them talk to them whenever you like. Right? Based on the comments and feedback of many students, Rishi Khandelwal advises students to do their research, find an international agent and even try to contact them in the inbound country.  He believes that in many cases, the offshore agent is able to provide more updated information in terms of trending courses, accommodation and other university or course related information.

When deciding on an education agent, do inquire if they have an in-house migration agent or consultant. If the educational agent will have knowledge about migration policies and visa process that is an added advantage in favor of the firm. Although this is not the ultimate deciding criteria, it is one that many students will opt for.

Finally in Rishi Khandelwal view the factor that tops it all is communication. Does the agent get back to you in a timely and efficient manner? Does he or she answer all your queries? Even if they cannot answer your question instantly do they find  about your doubts and communicate to you (by phone, email or whatssapp). “At this point in time we are living in uncertain times due to COVID – Universities are deferring intakes, visas are on hold and borders closed in many countries. An international education degree can set you for life so it is understandable for each student to have anxiety about their admission process. You need an agent that will work towards progressing your admission and will keep you informed and answer your queries even though your application may be on hold”

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