Robert David Steele & Cynthia McKinney Comment on Presidential Election Integrity Commission

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The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is stillborn. The Presidential Executive Order can be radically extended and improved.

Washington, DC (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2017

Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney, co-founders of We the People – Unity for Integrity and champions of the Election Reform Act of 2017, note with interest the issuance of the Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Issued on 11 May 2017, the order is yet another example of poor Trump Administration staffing and hopefully is not just political theater.

While the President has spoken of a rigged system, the Executive Order as published demonstrates a lack of interest in speaking with those who actually know something about this matter.

We continue to hope that Donald Trump will be the greatest president ever.

Cynthia McKinney observes:

“I have witnessed the lack of Election Integrity firsthand and have been a victim of that lack.  I hope the President’s Election Integrity Commission actually searches for a holistic integrated solution — twelve flaws, twelve solutions, as Robert Steele outlines in the proposed Election Reform Act of 2017.

“Among the greatest threats to democracy is the use of electronic voting machines that do not provide a paper trail and that do run on private, proprietary software.  In a lawsuit filed to get the election data for my election, the State of Georgia told the Court that the election data belong to Diebold and that the people just have to trust that the announced winner is actually the winner of the election.

“This is an international problem, not only a US problem. In the 2010 election in Haiti I watched in agony as  Hillary Clinton operative, Cheryl Mills, read out the wrong winner and the people of Haiti were stuck with someone they did not elect and did not admire as President for five long years,

“I pray that the Commission will be properly led, comprehensive, and completed in time to pass significant election integrity legislation, such as the Election Reform Act of 2017, in September.  In the meantime, I will continue to work for unrigged election, political, and economic systems.”

Robert Steele says:

“We the People do not need a Presidential Commission, nor can we afford to wait for one more piece of political theater. Our manifesto, #UNRIG: Beyond Trump & Sanders, is humbly offered to our President as a more substantive starting point. We seek his personal commitment to #UNRIG the system.

“We the People can take back the power this summer by demanding that each Member of Congress sign the Integrity Pledge committing to the passage of the Election Reform Act of 2017 — the Unity for Integrity Act — in September. Our manifesto is also free online at #UNRIG.

“I pray that our legitimately-elected President will lead a transpartisan road show — 50 states in 30 days — this summer. His power plus our power equals the death of the Deep State. I continue to hope that Donald Trump will become the greatest President ever. God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump.”

There are twelve specific reforms that are needed, as shown in the graphic and discussed across many linked references provided in our manifesto.

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Earth Intelligence Network is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) educational corporation, headquartered in Virginia. The original purpose and long-term focus of Earth Intelligence Network is to teach citizens the urgency of demanding holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as the foundation for enlightened self-governance. #UNRIG© is an educational campaign to communicate to all citizens the possibility of an ethical, legal, non-violent restoration of integrity to the United States Government. For more information, visit and

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