RummyBears Challenge You To The World’s Hottest Gummy Bears

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Think Hot, think SUPER HOT, now think "bearly" edible, that’s the Reapers from Rummybears, Carolina Reaper infused Gummy Bears.

Krakow, Poland (PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2020

Dave Doran, founder of, has just restocked their latest product known simply as the “Reapers”. Made with Carolina Reaper Peppers, they are designed for chilli lovers who wish to test their limits. Each of these Reaper Gummy Bears is packed with at least 2 million Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of pure pain and guaranteed to pack a punch to those who are brave enough to try!

When we asked Dave the story behind the Reaper gummy bears and how he came to create such a unique product, he laughed and replied: “I started growing Carolina Reapers for fun and ended up creating a hot sauce hat was too hot for me. I had been working on the idea for a few years and thought why not try a spicy gummy bear? It took about six months of trial and error and pain to get the Reaper Gummy Bears just right. At a heat level so, hot I could only try one single bear. People go wild for them now and to be honest, I really don’t understand this craze!”

These cute little gummy bears have garnered over 42,000 views on YouTube to date and have sparked a viral challenge globally. From Australia to Europe and across America people are recording themselves attempting to finish one packet of 12 little bears. In 2020, RummyBears were added onto the League of Fire League Table, organised to challenge the top competitive chilli lovers from all over the world!

The rules are very simple. There are 2 points awarded for every 6 gummy bears eaten and contestants will attempt as many as they can and try to endure for 10 minutes without eating and drinking anything else. Six bears must be eaten in four minutes. Then two minutes of burn time to really test your limits at the end. Topping the leader board as of 20 June 2020 is James ‘The Scots Bonnet’ Nixon, who has eaten 12 Reaper gummy bears on two occasions scoring a total of 8 points. New contestants are gearing up to this challenge every day and are racking up some impressive scores while challenging each other. It really can be anyone’s game at this point!

RummyBears offers international shipping for all chilli lovers who are interested in taking on the League of Fire challenge. While we all love a good hot gummy bear, we should always consume responsibly, be aware of our own endurance and perhaps prepare a bottle of milk to help relieve the pain. For more details on Rummy Bears Reapers, please visit:

About RummyBear

RummyBears is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Dave and Anna and previous Candy Store owners. While they are excited with the demand for this product, they are looking forward to future product launches later this year. This tiny spice bomb sold out within just 6 hours of its opening launch! Now once again fully stocked RummyBears are ready to deliver a little pain to those who dare.

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