Saving the Defeated: Solving Employee Frustration through Qoreboard’s Digital Solution

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Qoreboard focuses on creating better communication in the workplace, building transparency around daily goals and generating better success data for overall growth.

Texas (TX) (PRUnderground) August 20th, 2019

For more than 20 years, Mike Midgett, CEO of Qoreboard, has been working closely with some of the largest companies in the world on boosting productivity through creative solutions. “One of the most consistent issues business’ see is the radical truth that their employees feel hopeless and distant when new processes and objectives are presented without a plan to execute or achieve them.” says Midgett.  Corporate America has developed a culture that forces production and performance down the throats of their employees, and assumes that employees will blindly hold on for the ride…which isn’t the case. Now more than ever, it is becoming evident that employees are seeking a quality and healthy workplace over more compensation.

As Mike continued to see the same consistent problems, he realized that there were three solutions that could fix these issues. First is communication. Businesses need to focus on proper training and ongoing communication between management and employees. The second is developing goals. By developing hourly, daily and weekly goals for each employee, a more transparent and realistic approach can be implemented for success.  The third is analyzing the data. If better communication is implemented and goals for each employee are set, then theoretically, data on growth should be available. If each of these areas are operating the right way, a cycle begins of pushing data to boost communications and building new goals. With this structure in mind, Mike and his team launched Qoreboard, a web-based communications platform, focused on creating a goal-centered environment where employees can thrive.

Qoreboard does an amazing job focusing on the main areas of employee growth. There is the Microgoals area focused on daily achievements, where employees can see full transparency on what they need to accomplish. There’s also a communications area, where management and employees can communicate on ways to grow, or just send an encouraging message, like “Congrats for hitting your goal”.  And finally, Qoreboard has a beautiful mobile responsive dashboard where both employees and management can review success data for ongoing improvement.

To learn more about Qoreboard and how it can support your businesses growth and culture, check out their website today at ­


QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.

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