ShareSmart Set to Revolutionize Canadian Virtual Healthcare Through a Secure and Convenient Canadian Platform

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Vancouver, BC, Canada (PRUnderground) May 26th, 2020

Think Tank Innovations, a Canadian communication company today announced an early access offering to their secure video communication platform, which expands upon its mature, health professional collaboration platform, ShareSmart. ShareSmart, is designed to support the delivery of a Pan-Canadian virtual health strategy to facilitate telemedicine, teledentistry and other telehealth services.

ShareSmart will serve as the primary virtual health solution for all Canadians and healthcare practitioners. The platform facilitates secure real-time messaging, patient-consented secure file transfer and secure video consultations to support healthcare-provider-to-healthcare-provider, as well as healthcare-provider-to-patient consultations. The solution is already being used by hospitals and clinics to triage potential Covid-19 patients; to provide pre-operative assessments and post-operative care; and to provide other types of virtual care by clinical, paramedical, allied health, and dental practices.

Patient advocacy, nursing, dental, medical, paramedical, academic, and regulatory stakeholder input was incorporated to optimize user experience. ShareSmart meets all Canadian and international regulations, including, but not limited to HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR and the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) smartphone use guidelines.

Users across all health-related fields have consistently been pleased with the ease of use and benefit this platform brings to their daily workflows, including Dr. Miles C. Cook, MD, FRCPS, DABR, from the Musculoskeletal Radiology and Intervention department within the Calgary Zone of Alberta Health Services, who commented on how this technology is “easy to use, and beneficial to patient care to be able to communicate quickly and securely with other healthcare professionals regarding cases.”

ShareSmart is one of Canada’s leading secure smartphone solutions to medical photography and messaging and with the updated developments, is poised to address Canada’s virtual health solution needs. Additional refinements in the nearterm will be aligned with the Government of Canada’s plan to invest in the development of virtual health tools to support Canadians, as announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau early this month.

Crucial information that needs to be included in the patient record can be integrated into electronic medical records (EMR) or practice management systems to help practitioners maintain complete medico-legal records. The ShareSmart solution can be flexibly adapted to ensure it complements the workflow of each institution and user, ultimately allowing this single platform to be modified as necessary to support a Pan-Canadian solution for healthcare delivery. A study completed by the West Park Healthcare Centre in collaboration with the Ontario Hospital Association affirmed that ShareSmart “gave frontline staff and physicians a new way of communicating sensitive information between one another through a mobile device while remaining fully compliant with privacy and security requirements”. With this they highlighted that “delivery of information was quicker, turnaround times improved, and, in the end, the application would result in better patient care.”

The gaps within current virtual health communication systems must be overcome in order to use the technology effectively as a secure healthcare delivery solution. Privacy and data security issues associated with using current platforms present significant risk for users and patients. ShareSmart has found a way to ensure that all gaps identified with current virtual health systems are mended within their updated platform, prioritizing information security and overall usability of the product. Not only does this solution encompass all facets required to transition out of interim or “rapid response” solutions that had been deployed in the wake of the pandemic and support virtual health collaboration and consultation across the nation, but the adoption of this platform on a Pan-Canadian level will also help stimulate the Canadian economy.

ShareSmart whole-heartedly believes that as Canadians, we are all in this together, which is why ShareSmart is ready and excited to become the primary solution that all provinces and territories can count on to bring reliable and secure healthcare consultation into fruition.

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About Think Tank Innovations Ltd.

Think Tank Innovations is a Canadian communication solutions development company specializing in privacy legislation compliant technologies. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, its flagship solution, the ShareSmart Secured Communication Platform, is the premiere communication standard for healthcare professionals and its patients to collaborate securely through secured, end-to-end-encrypted, real-time collaboration, video and secure file sharing. The ShareSmart Platform is GDPR, HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant and is adherent with local data sovereignty requirements as well as with certain regulatory organization recommendations such as the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) smartphone and smart device use guideline. ShareSmart is used by doctors, dentists, nurses, allied health, paramedical, health administration, researchers and health sciences students affiliated with hospitals, clinics, long-term-care, for-profit health and dental sales companies, medical and dental aesthetics practices, academia, NGOs, and not-for-profit health organizations in 75 countries. The ShareSmart secured mobile collaboration app is often used for providing healthcare provider-to-provider decision support for patient handovers; to facilitate consultations between healthcare professionals; to obtain consented patient photography and videography; collect verbal or written patient consent; to track patient enrolled in clinical trials and research programs; and to maintain complete patient records through the integration of patient clinical media in to electronic medical records (EMR/EHR). The patient interfacing side of the ShareSmart Platform is used to conduct virtual patient consultations to provide assessments, diagnoses, treatment, therapy, and prescriptions. The secured video and real-time collaboration tools are also used to monitor patients for treatment response, medication compliance, support behavioural modification, to conduct wellness checks, and to maintain engagement of patients requiring mental health and psychiatric support. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the ShareSmart Secured Communication Platform has formed a vital component of the rapid response virtual health strategies of health jurisdictions across Canada and around the world. It is expected that ShareSmart will support the long-term strategies of these organizations looking to continue offering telemedicine, teledentistry and telehealth beyond the pandemic.

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