Skin Grip Debuts Adhesive Patches for Freestyle Libre 3

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Skin Grip creates powerful adhesives that anchor diabetic devices to the skin. Their newest patches keep the recently released Freestyle Libre 3 CGM in place through vigorous exercise and water sports.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2023

In the wake of the release of the much-anticipated Freestyle Libre 3 (FSL3) continuous glucose monitor in Q4 2022, Skin Grip is proud to announce its FSL-compatible adhesive patches to keep the device firmly attached to the skin.

“With its low cost and small size, the Freestyle Libre 3 is making diabetes management easier than ever. We’re very proud to be supporting this product,” said Isaac Parkinson, Skin Grip President.

Parkinson started Skin Grip after watching his brother struggle with the day-to-day difficulties of diabetes. There were the repeated finger sticks to gauge blood sugar until he got a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The device could record blood sugar levels automatically without the bloody finger pricks, but it was constantly falling off his skin with even the least strenuous physical activities.

“Continuous glucose monitors are revolutionary — if you can keep them in place, but it’s so easy for them to fall off and break or get lost. Then, you’re on the phone with your insurance provider for hours trying to get them to cover a new one, and you’re often denied,” said Parkinson.

Skin Grip adhesives come in custom-fit patches for Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, and other CGMs and insulin pumps. They are designed to keep the devices in place whether users are dancing, sleeping, running, or swimming.

Parkinson said demand has been high for the new FSL3 patches given the device’s many advantages. The FSL3 has been listed as 70% cheaper than other CGMs, and it’s also the thinnest, smallest sensor on the market (the size of two stacked pennies). It provides continuous, real-time blood sugar monitoring through the FSL3 app, eliminating the need for scanning. It’s also easier on the environment as it is manufactured with 41% less plastic and packaged in 43% less paper.

Skin Grip helps diabetics live without limits, not only with their set-it-and-forget-it adhesive tape for diabetic sensors but also through their podcast, blog, and numerous charitable events to benefit the diabetic community, including their annual scholarships totaling $25,000 and monthly donation of a full day of online sales to a diabetes-related charity.

To learn more about Skin Grip and their new adhesive patches to secure the FSL3 devices, visit

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Skin Grip makes strong adhesive tapes to keep monitors secured to the skin so that diabetics can participate in their favorite activities with peace of mind. They offer patches for all types of glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

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