Skin Grip Debuts Adhesive Patches for New Dexcom G7 Glucose Monitors

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Skin Grip creates ultra-strong adhesives to help diabetics secure continuous glucose monitors (CGM) to their skin. In tandem with the highly anticipated release of Dexcom’s G7, Skin Grip is launching patches that keep the new CGM in place for up to two weeks.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) October 25th, 2022

With Dexcom releasing its revolutionary new G7 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in parts of Europe and Asia, Skin Grip has debuted adhesive patches to keep the device anchored on the skin of diabetic users for up to 14 days.

“So many people have been looking forward to the advanced features of this new Dexcom CGM,” said Isaac Parkinson, Skin Grip President. “We’re proud to support the diabetic community with our Dexcom adhesive patches designed especially for the G7.”

The Dexcom G7 launched in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Hong Kong, with plans to launch in the U.S. in coming months. Like earlier Dexcom models, the G7 does not require finger sticks, calibration, or scanning and sends real-time glucose readings to compatible display devices (allowing diabetics and their loved ones to monitor their glucose levels in real time). The G7 is an all-in-one discreet wearable that is 60% smaller than its predecessor, the G6. Its sensor warms up in just 30 minutes, making it faster than any CGM on the market, and it is designed for compatibility with Apple Watch.

“The newest generations of CGMs are absolutely amazing, but they’re only valuable to diabetics if they are on the skin — not falling off during a vigorous workout or while they are sleeping,” said Parkinson. “We pride ourselves in our tape and patches that allow our customers to live life to the fullest without worrying about lost or broken devices.”

Parkinson started Skin Grip after seeing his brother struggle with the effects of diabetes. When his brother graduated from finger sticks to a CGM, it offered great peace of mind for keeping his glucose levels in the safe zone, but the problem was that the CGM was continually falling off. Skin Grip ends that frustration with its adhesives that keep Dexcom and other diabetic devices tightly in place on the skin, whether users are swimming, running, or dancing.

“My goal is to do all that I can so that diabetics can control their own lives rather than letting the disease take charge,” said Parkinson. “The Dexcom is a big step for making this a reality, and we’re happy to be part of the community supporting this innovation.”

To learn more about Skin Grip’s adhesive patches and tape for securing the new Dexcom G7 and other diabetic monitors and insulin pumps, visit

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Skin Grip makes strong adhesive tapes to keep monitors secured to the skin so that diabetics can participate in their favorite activities with peace of mind. They offer patches for all types of glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

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