Socialping app creates job marketplace for Friends and Mentors

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Socialping Inc. goes live on in order to complete the app development. The company plans to create jobs while promoting people's skill set.

Boulder, Colorado (PRUnderground) April 11th, 2016

Socialping Inc an exciting Boulder based startup, in a battle to provide hard working Americans new and better jobs, has created a job marketplace through a mobile app platform that allows its members to market their services and earn supplementary income.

Socialping Inc. announced today that it’s launching a  crowdfunding campaign on to finish the development of their job marketplace platform. The company is seeking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to complete the mobile application development for both Android and Apple devices. The SocialPing app provides job seekers a marketplace to market their skills to earn supplementary income as either a platonic companion or a skilled mentor. It also aims to improve the quality of life of its users through social engagement and learning.

The Kickstarter campaign features rewards for  its supporters so that they can enjoy social activities such as a concert party with the founders at Red Rocks, professional rock climbing sessions with a Pingpal Plus (mentor), as well as skydiving with the founders! The reward tiers – with names that signify friendship – also include cool gear like T-shirts, hoodies, customized coffee blends and more.

CEO and Founder Brian Ritter said, “Currently in the United States, we have millions of hard-working Americans who don’t have quality, full-time employment. Many work multiple part-time jobs to scrape by, while others continue to job search after months and years of unemployment. On top of that, education is no longer accessible and often times leaves students with huge amounts of debt. It seems that despite how hard we work, we are frequently left without the possibility of finding a good paying job that can support our families. What has happened to the American dream?” Co-Founder Andres Arriola remarked, “this is why we created the SocialPing app”.

Whether one wants to accompany a user in any social activity of their choosing or prefers to teach and mentor a useful skill, the SocialPing app offers both its users and service providers a myriad of wonderful opportunities to increase social happiness and earn supplementary income.

The SocialPing app is slated for launch in summer of 2016 in the Denver/Boulder metro area. Recruiting for service providers will commence in April and interested individuals may apply at


About Socialping Inc.

Boulder, Colorado-based Socialping Inc. is a fast-growing start-up focused on innovative mobile services. The company offers cutting-edge solutions to real world problems. SocialPing is a revolutionary social app that allows users to socialize and learn anything in the best way possible.

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