South East Labels Re-Launches Cryogenic Label Line

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South East Labels has recently decided to re-launch its cryogenic and anti-microbial label line that features improvements and cost reductions

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) May 27th, 2010

This cryogenic label line has been specially designed for use under research and medical conditions that require exposure to the cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen.

Cryogenic and Anti-Microbial Labels

This new set of labels represents a new and improved look at the classic South East Labels cryogenic labels line, featuring a new production process that includes anti-microbial materials. Cryogenic labels are a sub-set of labels that are used under particular temperature conditions. The labels use specific adhesives and materials to endure the freezing cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen and maintain their adherence to several surfaces. Now is the time for a re-launch of the cryogenic line with an upgraded production process and new materials that allow new anti-microbial features.

The labels are packaged in rolls that can be used directly with a variety of thermal transfer printers or with regular laser printers, provided the labels are mounted on sheets of paper first. While plain (un-printed) labels are sometimes used, it is very simple to produce printed labels with the proper software and equipment. To help customers produce their own labels, the company offers top-of-the-line machines that can take care of producing quality print jobs: the print-head resolution range for these machines is from 200 – 600 dots per inch (the latter is particularly useful when high definition or very small text prints are required.) The labels are provided in any size and shape, which are requested on a case by case basis by the customer.

Featuring a New Anti-Microbial Material

At the top of the list of features for the re-launch of South East’s cryogenic label line, is the new anti-microbial material designed to offer increased security for its customers. What does this mean exactly? Below is a bullet point list of all the main features of the new product so you can make a sensible decision.

* One of the main purposes of the anti-microbial material is to help break the chain of contamination.
* The cryogenic labels have been purposely designed and work very well in hospitals, schools and clinical environments (in fact, any place that requires hygienic labeling as part of their processes).
* The new material and production processes mean that optimum hygiene conditions are maintained without undermining the usability of the label or resulting in an increase of costs.
* All labels are safe for use – they have been tested and proven harmless to humans and animals.
* Labels can be custom ordered in any shape and size and can be produced in both Satin Gloss or Vellum.

The Company: South East Labels

South East Labels is a company, with over 20 years of experience, that produces and distributes labels, barcodes for stock control,, digital printers, ribbons, label printers, security and asset-tracking labels and barcodes, scanners, verifiers and more to a wide variety of industries.

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