StemGenex™ Says Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis Lies Within The Patient!

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Adult stem cell treatment is making a remarkable difference within the lives of those challenged with a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis.

New Haven, CT (PRUnderground) July 27th, 2011

StemGenex™ is announcing stunning results for its patients challenged with a diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, often resulting in detrimental and life altering circumstances for the patient.

Up until the present, MS has no cure. Most patients who have MS are using some form of Interferon therapy. Interferon therapy only has an eighteen percent chance of slowing down the progression of MS and in many cases the side-effects can be worse than the symptoms of MS.

StemGenex™ is changing the way Multiple Sclerosis patients are being treated. The treatments are reversing symptoms. Improvements include bladder control, better balance and coordination, strengthened limb function, increased energy and reduced spasticity.

For close to five years now StemGenex™ has been diligently working with physicians, scientists, academics and regulatory authorities to support stem cell research and implement alternative treatment with experts wanting to advance the current impact of stem cell procedures for patient harboring degenerative diseases, such as MS. The results have been dramatic. Adult stem cell treatment has posed no moral conflicts for those with Multiple Sclerosis seeking another course of action vs. Interferon therapy.

“We have had patients with Multiple Sclerosis come in scared and suspicious of stem cell treatment. Once they see the positive impact the stem cells from their own body can have on their condition, it is life changing.” said Rita Alexender of StemGenex™. “Our company has been hard at work finding a way for the human body to convalesce from diseases like MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even COPD. Right now we can use the phrase “close to a cure” because our results have been so substantial. The best part is there is nothing toxic about using a patient’s own stem cells. In fact, it is the very reason our company has coined our procedure as The Human Repair Kit!”

StemGenex™ wants patients to understand they have a real choice in treatment when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over two hundred people are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis each week. The most common drug therapies for MS cost the average patient over thirty-thousand dollars a year. While, the efforts of all those fighting to cure MS is appreciated, StemGenex™ believes the best cure for everybody is one that comes from the body.

StemGenex™ is a division of the International Stem Cell Institute (ISCI). Together, StemGenex™ and ISCI are working on developing tactical connections with researchers and leaders in the stem cell industry. Through both divisions working towards a unified goal to continue their persistent research with this field, StemGenex™ and ISCI are also considering working with a variety of prestigious universities and medical groups to accelerate further exploration on the many benefits associated with adult and adipose stem cells.

A full EPK, company representative interview, and tear sheet with clinical locations for both StemGenex™ and ISCI can be provided for all story requests.


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