Suicide Attempt Survivor Shenetta Malkia, Former Ms. Maryland United States & The Unstoppable Journey

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Shenetta Malkia is a new contributing author in “The Unstoppable Warrior Woman” book. The book can be found in Barnes & Noble and online stores. Malkia sheds light on her suicide attempt including life before and after her crown.

Maryland (PRUnderground) December 18th, 2020

Two-time suicide survivor, Founding President & Excutive Director Shenetta Malkia of Empowerment Essence  is now a contributing author in the new published book The Unstoppable Warrior Woman”. The book is co- written with 40 unstoppable women with stories of pain, hurt, grace and purpose. The project is, led by business coach Bershan Shaw.  This project brings out the unstoppable warrior in anyone by reminding others, you’re not alone!

The two-time survivor of suicide  and two-time crowned Ms. Maryland has taken her pain and turned into purpose.  Shenetta launched her non-profit Empowerment Essence in 2014 and they are still advocating and being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. This book tells the intro to the full story of brokenness, abandonment, self-esteem issues and rising up after her attempts to die, facing domestic violence and dealing with loss and grief. Malkia’s story of survival some know not but now through the book and the launch of multiple series of educational and healing workshops and events, Ms. Malkia is giving back and pouring out at a time when mental health awareness is greatly needed. Malkia is empowering others to live and not die by suicide.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10 to 24. 

Being ashamed to admit you need help or want help is something Ms. Malkia relates to outside of the multiple other stigmas that surround mental health disorders.

During the holiday seasons depression creeps in and takes over minds, bodies, and lives. This causes many to disconnect, reflect on past pains, things lost  and a host of other life situations that make you want to SCREAM, but there is hope.

Empowerment Essence is holding two events for the holiday season and New Year to help combat suicide, depression, anxiety and self-destruction. Join Ms. Malkia and her trail blazing team for the following Healthy Holiday Events

Crown Check is a new mental health series created by and produced by Empowerment Essence. It is an extension of The Why series My Mental Heath Matters for women. Bridging the gap of strength through the holidays.

The holiday season can be hard for many of us. The bright lights, the warm hugs, and family are missed. Please know you’re not alone. Being without loved ones, losing loved ones, experiencing anxiety on all levels, and missing the love that is needed to strengthen us during uncertain times is greatly needed.

Join Unstoppable Warrior Woman Shenetta Malkia, Lonnie Grant and Montrella Cowan for a Holiday Edition of Crown Check on Dec. 23, 2020 at 9PM EST live on Zoom.

Join them again on Jan. 3rd 2021 from 3 PM to 5 PM live from Jamaica for Crown Check Pity Party To Purpose.  Registration for both events can be found on EventBrite. There will be giveaways, Holiday Harmony with your body by Lonnie Grant, Holiday Wellness Kit sponsored by Montrella Cowan.

The book signing will be live in Jamaica on Jan. 3rd 2021 from 6 PM to 7 PM after event.  For more information on events, bookings for speaking engagements or to sponsor an event email

Follow the unstoppable journey on FB, IG & Twitter. Follow Empowerment Essence and Shenetta Malkia. Suicides are preventable. Help save lives and take a pledge to be Bully Free! Sign at

As a mother, daughter, friend, advocate, and survivor Ms. Malkia thanks you for helping take the national and international concern of suicides and follow up care main stream. To find out how you can help in the area of sponsorship email .

About Empowerment Essence

Empowerment Essence Inc., is a non-profit organization mentoring and supporting those who have been and are hurting from life’s experiences. Provide trainings, workshops, resources and additional programs so more individuals and communities are aware of Suicide Prevention & Bullying

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