Swingery Publishes Top 10 cities with the most swingers in the US

The United States has been well known as one of the most liberated nations in the world. While most nations, especially the conservatives, seldom talk about sex things, but America has been pretty open about it. America’s sexual pastimes have been at odds with our puritanical roots. As for open-minded couples who love to swing, the opportunity to meet other like-minded adults on vacation can be much easier in the US. Well, we come bearing good news. From Florida down to the south to Alaska up to the north, here, whatever your preferred desire, swingery compiled 10 most swinger-friendly cities of the US.

Swingery is the largest swingers and threesome dating app around the world. 70% of its users are from the US. That is why they publish this top 10 swingers list of the US. “We built up this app to help couples to evolve their sexual life. We are happy to see more and more couples accept this lifestyle after our 2-month study. Life is short, why not have fun? So we comply this list to help those swingers to better locate other couples in their local area.” Said by swinger’s co-founder Lawrence Young in his facebook account.

Here are the top 10 American cities where most swingers live in.

1. Portland, Oregon

2. Seattle, Washington

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4. Miami, Florida

5. New York City, New York

6. Dallas, Texas

7. San Bernardino, California

8. Denver, Colorado

9. San Diego, California

10. Houston, Texas

For some of the reasons discussed or some others that were not mentioned, those cities above that made it to this list, have been sin cities of the sort, but it doesn’t mean that casual encounter is all that these cities offer. It is just a kind of lifestyle for those singles, couples or bisexual women or bisexual men who want to have a swinger lifestyle or threesome dating. Swingery Downloads links are below. You must be at least 18 years old to use this app.


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