The New Celebrity-Endorsed Cure For Frozen Shoulder: The Niel-Asher Technique

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Did you know that the frozen shoulder syndrome (or adhesive capsilitis) affects a large number of people worldwide, yet most of them live through it without hope of ever recovering full mobility of their shoulder joints? How often have you tried to reach for a jar on the top shelf, pulled a muscle, and suffered in pain for months thereafter? Or hit the perfect serve and found you can't move your arm properly afterwards because of a frozen shoulder?

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 29th, 2010

While some methods of surgery, physical therapy and a copious intake of various drugs have worked in relatively rare cases; they have been ineffective in the majority of cases, and usually provided only temporary relief. The Niel-Asher technique is revolutionary in its simple approach: without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures, this is a form of holistic healing that will take care of a problem that you thought you might never get rid of.

Celebrities like George Michael have sworn by Simeon Niel-Asher’s remarkably simple technique. “I am delighted to recommend Simeon’s work, I am sure you will all gain benefit from his new technique for treating your frozen shoulder”, says Michael. An incredibly simple yet effective method, this is holistic healing without the hocus pocus. The frozen shoulder treatment involves little more than convincing your brain and body through a series of modulated exercises that it is capable of healing itself.

It might sound like magic, but there is a clear thought of science behind the technique. Our nervous systems have deep-seated reflexes programmed into them that respond specifically to pain. When we get shoulder injuries, the brain responds by ‘switching off’ normal muscular co-ordination. In a frozen shoulder it’s called a ‘capsular pattern’ where the arm is held in a sling-like position with the shoulder raised. There are a number of problems that arise when this happens, and the chief and most common one is a frozen shoulder. The Niel-Asher technique works by stimulating a sequence of reflexes and sending new messages to the brain.

Where physical therapy tries to improve the range of motion by forcing the shoulder through the blockage, the Niel-Asher technique is a method of natural sequences of applying pressure to specific points that eases the stress and pain. Depending on the level of your pain, the frozen shoulder exercise can last anywhere between 4 to 13 sessions. By the end of the treatment, most report an 80 percent reduction in pain or more.

Two books, an exercise band and a DVD are all you will need to kickstart your road to recovery. There are a number of Niel-Asher centres in various cities across the world and you can also book yourself in for more expert advice. Niel-Asher is now also developing his technique to benefit people suffering from ankle, back and knee pain. Why suffer when you know there is a safe and reliable way out of discomfort and pain? Let the Niel-Asher technique work its magic on you.

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