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The WOW Healing Announces Launch Of Award-Winning The WOWEST Mindfulness App On iTunes And Google Play

Industry: Mobile Apps

London, England (PRUnderground) July 29th, 2021

The WOW Healing, Ltd. is announcing the launch of its mindfulness app on iTunes and Google Play. The WOW Healing app offers exclusive meditations, deep relaxation, restful sleep, healing music, WOW affirmations, binaural beats, Solfeggio frequencies, and more. It aims to make its users feel aware, present, inspired, and reminded to be their authentic selves. The app won the Gold Award for Best New Mobile App – 2021 by BMA.

Founder Ruxandra Nica says she wants to encourage users to become Conscious Creators and Leaders of their own Lives, instead of following others. “Through the features we are providing, you can break old, unhealthy habits, let go of limiting beliefs, and implement new, healthy ones, for a meaningful life.”

The WOW Healing app features a balance of visual, textual, and audio experiences aiming to deliver fast, transformational and everlasting results. Those features combine psychotherapy, NLP and neuroscience principles, and include a goal tracker /planner, to facilitate personal goals achievement; a voice recorder / player, a simple tool to improve life using your own voiced affirmations; a vision board creator, constituting a visual representation of the things you want to have in your life; a life vision creator; 8D Sounds, ensuring a refreshing sonic experience that can bring you to a new, higher dimension; and binaural beats gamma waves, supporting the transformation from your current state of mind to a meditative one.

“I want to create a better world of kindness, gratitude, and greatness,” Ruxandra says, “and to support people as they find all these powerful qualities and strengths inside of them. Everything is already within us, and from the vibration we are in moment by moment, we are attracting things to be around us, whether they be people, things, situations, or environments.”

The WOW Healing app already has more than 20,000 subscribers. The one-year, all-access membership subscription includes exclusive meditations such as, From Stress To Peace To Bliss, and The Solution To Every Issue, proven to release anxiety and make you feel relaxed, while enjoying a blissful life.

Ruxandra adds that the app’s release on iTunes and Google Play is perfectly timed with the state of the world right now in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as people are returning to their workplaces. “Great leaders can use this to build WOW teams and have blissful employees,” she says, “and encouraging joy, relaxation, and self-discipline in the lives of your employees can increase their happiness and boost their performance.”

Ruxandra is also creating unique background music in the bossa nova, salsa and cha-cha genres, with voice affirmations, as tracks on the app.

“WOW is the right toolkit for a life changing opportunity,” Ruxandra says, “Our brains are focused on survival. But only with the right practice, habits and routines we can rewire our brains to happiness.”

Ruxandra has engaged in spiritual practices for most of her life. “I always aim to improve and evolve every day, so that I can find more and be more – we can all be the most of who we are meant to be.”

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