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Sheffield, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) February 18th, 2023

Ear wax plays a vital role in protecting the hearing system. Many people think it’s a dirty substance, but it’s not. Ear wax filters out the dirt and dust from entering the ear. If the ear wax is not there, dirt, dust, and sometimes even tiny insects can invade the ear and cause damage to the skin in the ear canal and the eardrum, which may lead to hearing loss. Wax can also play havoc with hearing aids. As usual, anything in excess can be a problem and it’s the same here. Excess ear wax could cause blockage in the ear that can end up in hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to remove any excess wax.

The process of how we remove it is much more important; many resorts to hairpins, paper clips, cotton buds, biros, etc. to remove it which could cause earwax impaction or damage the skin paving the way for infection; the worst scenario is a perforated Tympanic Membrane.  What is the safest method to remove it? We asked Peter Byrom, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® awarded audiologist from Sheffield, UK.

“With the advancement in audiology, there are some of the safest and most painless methods to remove the earwax without disturbing the auditory system. In our clinic, we provide different types of wax services, and they are all effective removal methods.” – opens up the expert.

  • Microsuction: Microsuction is a small vacuum-like device that sucks out the ear wax build-up without damaging or scratching the parts of the inner ear. As this method is painless with usually just a slight tickling feeling, it suits people of all ages. And micro suction is believed to be the safest method of all.
  • Water Irrigation: Water irrigation is another effective method to remove ear wax. In this method water, is introduced at a controlled and gentle pressure to flush the earwax out. For this method, any hard wax has to be softened using drops or it can be a very uncomfortable experience. This method is used less and less these days. It’s mainly suitable for those with very soft wax.
  • Manual Removal: Manual removal involves removing the ear wax from the outer ear with a probe. This method is effective in removing earwax that is near the entrance to the canal; it is extremely difficult to remove wax that is deep in the ear canal and close to the eardrum with this method, or with very narrow ear canals. This method suits people with tinnitus and hyperacusis as it is silent.

Everyone produces wax at different rates; you may need to attend every three months to every three years. Although all the above methods are pain-free, safe, and effective in removing ear wax, they should be performed by clinicians specifically trained for the purpose.

About Peter Byrom Audiology:

Nicole Vasey and Peter Byrom are the Audiology team, supported by Isaac who leads the office team; the company is due to add another member to the support team in Spring 2023 and an Audiologist in the summer. Nicole gained a first in her Audiology degree and has over 5 years of experience in her role and plans to undertake an MSc. Peter has 25 years of experience in the NHS, along with 15 years in the private sector, he has solid professionalism and expertise in the industry. Both are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are committed to transforming lives in and around Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Both Peter and Nicole are passionate about helping people and are very welcoming, they will immediately put you at ease, and make your appointment as smooth as possible. We  love to see the transformation in people’s lives that a properly fitted hearing system provides

The company aims to grow again during the next year, with excellent service at the heart of everything they undertake; the vision is for a learning environment that continually develops skills and knowledge. Keeping the client’s needs at heart, they strive to give them full audiological service with top-notch equipment.

The team’s commitment towards high-quality service has taken through 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be honoured as the top audiology team in Sheffield. Upon winning the award, Nicole says, “we constantly keep our service top-quality focused, which is what helped us to be listed in ThreeBestRated®”.

Their clients can expect a range of audiological services, including hearing aids, lyric hearing aids, vestibular assessment & treatment, hearing tests, lenire tinnitus, ear wax removal, etc. To get to know more about their service, visit their website:

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