Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is a garage floor coating company in Atlanta offering life-long and high quality residential and commercial floor coating services.

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Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is a garage floor coating company based in the Greater Atlanta area providing high-quality and long-lasting concrete floor coatings. Whether it be a clean, safe, and durable floor for a commercial space or a new residential garage floor, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions can do it all.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2020

Titan Garage Flooring Solution has an effective system that is more durable than other coatings. The company is proud to offer a coating that does not chip, crack, or peel and has a fast curing time. Within six hours a car can be parked on the concrete and furnishings can be put back within twenty-four hours. 

The company’s garage flooring solutions are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. They are able to add durability, traction, heat and cold resistance, and offer chemical and spill protection.

They are able to provide the latest solutions in garage flooring technology in the Atlanta area. Whether it be an indoor space or a UV-resistance outside, they can be re-floored with a customizable texture.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions’ garage floors are non-toxic as there is no use of epoxy and are installed with care to ensure every project is completed in pristine condition.

Not only do their floors come with numerous customization options of texture and color, but they are also resistant to corrosion from rust, sand, and harsh chemicals that can make their way into an industrial or garage space. Installation in a residential garage can be done in less than one day and comes with a lifetime warranty, making Titan Garage Flooring Solutions garage flooring not only an investment for one’s home but also for future residents in Atlanta. 

Garage floor epoxy in Atlanta in comparison to TItan does not work on many surfaces, nor does it have a long cure time, it’s high levels of VOC are bad for the environment, making TItan the ideal solution given it supports multiple surface profiles and twenty-four hour cure time.

For those looking for affordable options for garage floor coating in Atlanta, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers promotional financing options to those in the Atlanta area. With a simple application process and exceptional customer service, clients are able to choose between an array of plans depending on their financial situations.

To learn more about Titan Garage Flooring Solutions and their array of options, please visit their website at https://titanflooringapplications.com/garage-floor-coating-atlanta-ga/.

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