TrackiPay Offers Seamless Integration and Syncing Between Shopify and Paypal

Industry: Ecommerce

Bridge the gap between Shopify and Paypal through one-click automation

London, UK (PRUnderground) July 10th, 2020

TrackiPay, a subscription-based platform, leads the way in supporting the huge industry of e-commerce by automating the tracking of order details between two of the biggest online platforms – Shopify and Paypal – significantly helping both sellers and customers equally.

These days, having a Shopify store is one of the most lucrative and fulfilling things you can do. However, the road to success always comes with a few bumps. One of the biggest challenges a seller can encounter is on the transaction side of the business, specifically managing payments through PayPal.

For sellers, it’s always best to have a good standing with PayPal to keep transactions more efficient and less time consuming. TrackiPay bridges the gap between Shopify and PayPal through its tracking capabilities and all-in-one integration. It solves multiple issues that Shopify sellers encounter in their dealings with PayPal including delayed funds release, high rolling reserve, and account closures. Ultimately, TrackiPay’s aim is to bridge this gap to ensure an outstanding, long-term tracking record.

If you have a Shopify store then the only way forward is automation. TrackiPay’s ultimate mission is to save you time and build trust with PayPal, consequently bringing in more success and most of all, customer satisfaction. More information can be found at

About Trackipay

TrackiPay is a subscription-based platform that automates the process of syncing fulfilled order details between Shopify and PayPal.

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