Travis Buys Homes is bringing solutions to Charlotte’s residents going through foreclosure.

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Based in North Carolina, Travis Buy Homes is a company that provides solutions to those who are going through foreclosing on their homes. The benefit of dealing with them is how fast and easy the process will be, and there are no fees or closing costs involved.

Charlotte, NC (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2021

Travis Buys Homes is a home buying company that buys houses at a fair price, in any condition. They offer solutions for those who need the money as quickly as possible to avoid losing their home due to foreclosure.

Travis Howard and Michael Void are co-founders of Travis Buys Homes. The combined approach and experience from the co-founders have built a strong company based on solid knowledge about the real estate market.

Michael grew up in Houston, Texas, and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his family. Michael began his career in real estate in the summer of 2012.

Michael co-founded Travis Buys Homes because he believed that homeowners had fallen by the wayside while the real estate industry progressed. Up until today, he has assisted many homeowners through their home selling process, and he has also made sure that homeowners are given the help they need in the event of foreclosure.

Travis lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his spouse and son. Travis was born and raised in Concord, North Carolina, working as a real estate agent for more than 20 years. He has helped over 1,000 homeowners throughout his career and learned a lot about different real estate solutions to assist them.

As a cash house buyer in Charlotte, NC, Travis Buys Homes has employed a team that provides Charlotte residents with solutions since 2012. 

When it comes to foreclosure cases, the company offers a quick and easy process: the seller calls them; a date to view the house is scheduled; and lastly, the seller closes the deal by choosing the date when the money for the house is required to be paid.

Due to the recent Covid19 pandemic, the economy took a turn for the worse, and foreclosure rates soared. Homeowners were left with difficult decisions about their properties. Many chose to walk away from their homes and let them go into foreclosure because they knew it was too much of a burden to keep up with payments on two mortgages. 

Nowadays, some companies will buy your house even if it is damaged or needs fixing as Travis Buys Homes does. The benefit of dealing with Travis Buys Homes is that the seller can set their closing date, making it convenient for everyone involved.

Those who are interested in obtaining cash for houses can visit Travis Buys Homes’s website at

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