“Turning The Hourglass” is the Psychological Sci-Fi Debut From Novelist M.J. Keeley

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Time-traveling historian Dyrne can visit any event in the past. Almost. Visiting his own timeline is forbidden. But maybe breaking the rules will be worth it.

Glasgow, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 25th, 2019

Historian Dyrne Samson doesn’t want to read about the past anymore. Now he can visit it. Abandoning University lecturing, he joins a classified organization, hidden beneath the streets of New London. Their time-distortion pods let him witness anything in the past he chooses, except events in his own timeline – the only reason he can’t return to the day he’ll never forget.

Former student Copil Tailor was unlike any other Dyrne mentored. The only two ‘synths’ on campus – cloned from genes of the dead – they battled synthphobia daily. Dyrne’s guilt-ridden night terrors began the day Copil killed himself. And they haven’t stopped. So when headlines report the death of Copil’s famous mother, Dyrne seizes his chance to act. Manipulating pivotal decisions throughout her timeline from the pods could change Copil’s life. And death.

Turning the Hourglass is a psychological science fiction novel that explores themes of secrecy, guilt, and prejudice, questioning how much our pasts influence us, and how far we’d be willing to go to change our own histories.

Matthew Keeley is a writer and teacher from Central Scotland. He studied English Literature at the University of Glasgow and has had speculative fiction published by Centum Press, Medusa’s Laugh Press, Mother’s Milk Books, and Havok magazine. In addition, he is a contributing arts review writer for award-winning online magazine The Wee Review and the Neon Books blog. His writing has been described as “witty and sharp” by the Independent Literary Fiction Blog.

Matthew is based in Glasgow and is available for press and events.

Copies of Turning the Hourglass are available at all major booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Black Rose Writing

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