UBDI relaunches with 40,000 users, an overall new look and all-new features.

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UBDI relaunches and attracts 40,000 members seeking a new home for honest, anonymous discussions and earnest interactions based on verified data attributes; furthering their mission for a Universal Basic Data Income

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

Still on a mission to make Universal Basic Data Income a reality, UBDI, an iOS and Android mobile application , relaunches with 40,000 users, an overall new look and all-new features. With the relaunch, UBDI removes the cancel culture by creating a safe space where verified members can have discussions with one another anonymously but have their data to support their opinion or provide context. Without fake accounts and trolls skewing conversations, UBDI believes its new platform can create more honest and transparent discussions where people can learn from one another and come together at a time, in COVID, where they are most far apart.

UBDI’s new social features help users talk, learn and earn as they join together to pool their data and increase the value that researchers and advertisers place on their collective attention. As users link data sources like Twitter, Coinbase, or Fitbit to generate verified traits about themselves, users can access “tribes,” which are interest groups who might be people who run 5 miles a week just like them. Within the tribes, users can learn how different people feel about links, photos, and videos from around the world.

For example, in the UBDI’s investors tribe, users can filter price predictions (and even changes in holdings) by the number of Bitcoin a member owns in Coinbase, to help other community members identify the predictions of people with “skin in the game”. While in UBDI’s current event tribes, members can filter by political preferences, parties, and gender for a deeper understanding of “who” actually thinks “what” based on verified traits.

After a pandemic, recession, and the passing of a co-founder, the great pause gave UBDI’s team time to reassess everything. Now CEO and co-founder, Dana Budzyn, is more optimistic than ever, “We had to acknowledge that we would never solve the infamous chicken and egg marketplace problem with an app that was transactional purely focused on money in a world that is so used to instant gratification. We needed our users to get just as excited about their data as the researchers paying tens of thousands of dollars. So, we shifted to creating a social media platform that improved upon the flaws we saw across Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to fight big tech on the value they provide as a service while creating a new source of income.” Since its relaunch, UBDI’s new changes have proven successful and already have 750,000 responses and engagements from users posting their content, voting in polls, and starting discussions. But UBDI’s changes didn’t just make a difference for users; the developments confirmed that UBDI can deliver equally effective advertising with a system that creates a cookieless world that’s powered, permitted and owned by users, instead of companies.

UBDI recently revealed the effectiveness of its UBDI’s research and ad portal. An ad for a pet product sold on Amazon had a 95% click-thru rate, and 18% of users ended up purchasing from the company at the time of viewing the ad. Moreover, a follow-up study revealed that 80% of users sufficiently read and engaged with the pet company’s landing page, and 56% of users said they were now interested in buying in the future after being introduced in such a beneficial manner. “After studying data from millions of songs, views, posts, transactions (plus dozens of other sources), speaking with hundreds of prospective clients, and helping our users aggregate 2 Billion of their own data points, we managed to deliver targeted products ads with 500% ROI and our first research studies yielded our focus group members $180+ confirming the potential value of combining research and advertising into one user-centric platform. Now we can provide companies with the data they need for effective targeting, path to purchase research, customer segmentation, and ultimately attribution, so we can create a cookie-less internet we get paid to be a part of,” Kilaghbian explains.

Companies can launch their first ad or study today at portal.ubdi.com , and users can start reclaiming their digital lives by downloading the app on iOS and Android and becoming one of our members.

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UBDI relaunches and attracts 40,000
members seeking a new home for honest,
anonymous discussions and earnest
interactions based on verified data
attributes; furthering their mission for a
Universal Basic Data Income

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