Vervenia Marketing Launches $1.6 Million WordPress Marketing Automation Suite

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Frustrated Copywriter Delivers WordPress Marketing Automation Tool Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

Tampa, FL (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2020

In 2012, Seth Czerepak was fed up with cobbling together apps, plugins, and shopping carts. The tools barely met his website’s marketing needs. He spent countless hours tinkering with plugins, tweaking apps, and researching software.

All he found were packages filled with bugs that couldn’t deliver the results promised. And they offered support documentation that read like the Space Shuttle owner’s manual. Then the developer would release a new update that changed everything.

At first, Seth attempted to gather a team of programmers to build what he was asking for. Sinking $100,000 into a team that was willing to give it a shot.

But he quickly found out that the project would require expertise that he had not yet acquired. After a lot of hard work and perspiration, his clients now routinely pay him to build custom applications inside WordPress.

Entrepreneurs want something that works and that will be maintained. There’s nothing like putting all one’s data into a plugin to find out it’s not supported by the newest WordPress update. And then discover that the plugin creator is MIA.

Seth’s vision, the Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite, is seven years in the making.

“When I started building this, I had no idea I’d get this far,” says Seth. “I was just tired of wrestling with dozens of different applications, and still being disappointed with the results. I recently added up the time and money I’ve invested into this, and it’s well over a million dollars. But it’s worth it.”

The marketing automation WordPress plugin tracks detailed user behaviors in real-time. It serves up personalized content on the fly. It handles advanced segmenting and lead scoring. It tracks sales funnels. And it handles bulk email campaigns and automation.

The application was built using WordPress core features instead of a new dashboard. These include custom post types, taxonomies, etc. Users will love the familiar graphical interface.

Documentation and training will remain up to date. Offering support that surpasses what has become the industry norm.

“I HATE when you’re trying to figure out a problem with a piece of software and the instructions in their training manuals and/or videos are out of date. And NOTHING is where they say it is anymore,” says Seth. “And you burn up the next 90 minutes trying to figure it out on your own.”

Seth made huge personal sacrifices to develop this software. Spending 14 to 18 hour days working long into the wee hours of the morning while his tremendously supportive wife was in bed alone. He gave up a $200k+ annual income from his copywriting business to eat Ramen noodles while putting most of his time and effort into creating this software.

But in the process, he became a master coder while logging over 10,000 hours programming the full-featured marketing package. Seth’s creation is a marketing automation software every business needs.

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