Vienna-based classical composers contest will present the ranking of the “top 3 greatest living symphonic classical composers of the world” this Sunday, September 18th

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Rod Schejtman, Founder of The Piano Encyclopedia, is one of the three worldwide winners who will become known as the  “the new Mozarts of our era”.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRUnderground) September 17th, 2022

When it comes to classical music, the great composers of the past centuries come to one’s mind: Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven. However, are there living composers able to create classical masterpieces  in our current era?

After a year and a half of intensive competition, shortlisting the hundred best of the best across 32 countries,  and a grueling selection progress with a jury composed of the most renowned classical authorities of our era, the WorldVision Composer Contest has found the “top 3 greatest living symphonic classical composers of the world”.

Rod Schejtman, Founder of The Piano Encyclopedia,  and the creator of a revolutionary piano learning system “The Logic Behind Music” featured on, is now amongst this list of the top 3 best composers in the world.

His winning piece, “Luce’Nell Oscurita” (Italian: “Light in times of darkness”) is a symphonic work for 80 musicians on stage. It requires a vast string section of 56 players; ten woodwind players (two oboes, two flutes, two bassoons, two clarinets, a contrabassoon and a piccolo flute); a brass section of ten (four French horns, three trombones, two trumpets and a tuba); symphonic percussion (cymbals, bass drum, timpani); and a harp. It lasts 14 minutes, and shows the influences of Chopin, Rachmaninoff and modern film music.

The Digital Orchestra symphony orchestra, conducted by Mikhail Golikov, brings together the best professional musicians in the world, has premiered Beethoven’s nine symphonies during the 250th anniversary of this great composer, and will record the masterwork of Rod Schejtman – including the masterworks of the other two world winners, as part as one of the Worldvision Composer Contest’s prizes.

Should Rod Schejtman be awarded the first place, he would expect a second symphony orchestra to perform his music at the historic Konzerthaus of Vienna, Austria. The Nova Orchestra Wien symphony, conducted by William Garfield Walker, will premiere the work of the number one winner, in Vienna – a city that has been the epicenter of classical music for centuries.

The prestigious WorldVision Composers Contest has a jury made up of the most influential people in the world of classical music, and they will give their final vote, and will determine  the raking of the “new Mozarts of our era” – in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – this September 18th, 2022.

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The Piano Encyclopedia is the quintessential music education and publishing company in the world today, creator of the world-acclaimed interactive Digital Home-Study Course ”The Logic Behind Music”. highlights The Piano Encyclopedia as “The Rosetta Stone of the music education sector that is revolutionizing the way people learn how to play the piano.”

Years of development, and with more than 300 contributors from all the corners of the globe – musicians, pianists, developers, engineers, writers, editors, and graphic designers – have worked together to create a unique learning experience for people of all ages and levels.

The Piano Encyclopedia has more than a quarter of a million piano students following on Facebook, and for over 17 years (since 2005) has taught thousands of students in over 75 countries what many would consider to be impossible to learn – to play music by ear, improvise, and compose music – by revealing the logic behind music.

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