VoyagerMed’s Innovative Inbound Medical Tourism Strategy

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VoyagerMed does takes online what top hospitals like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford have been doing for years: "inbound medical tourism."

New York (PRUnderground) September 21st, 2016

VoyagerMed is an “inbound medical tourism” platform that helps connect international patients with top physicians and surgeons throughout the US. The top centers in the U.S. like Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Harvard, Mount Sinai, Hospital for Special Surgery, Cedars Sinai, Stanford and others have been in the business of inbound medical tourism for years.

But there has not been an online marketplace model to serve the needs of the close to half a million patients who spend over $5 billion on healthcare each year. To meet the demand of international and US based traveling patients, the company has created an integrated platform to connect patients with the right doctor for them, regardless of how far away the patient lives from that doctor.

VoyagerMed’s CEO, Anthony Girand, said that “the platform that VoyagerMed has created enables the individual physician to create a robust international patients practice along the lines of the top centers and their efforts to attract new patients from overseas.”

He explained that “many times people only look toward their local healthcare networks to find care. And for most people, most of the time, that’s a good solution. But sometimes, people may have rare cancers, or complicated sports injuries, or need to try a new fertility treatment protocol that’s not legally available where they live. And that’s where VoyagerMed’s team comes in. We help find the right doctor, then connect you with our proprietary video consult platform and finally, if necessary, travel to the US for care.”



The company’s website offers the medical tourism patient the ability to learn about over 1,000 procedures in over 12 languages including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. When the patient finds the right doctor on the site, they can contact that doctor directly or, with the help of the care team, find the right doctor for their condition. The next step is a virtual consultation with the care team and the doctor’s practice to discuss the patient’s condition, review records and ask questions about treatment plans. This virtual consult enables patients and empowers them to have a full understanding about the range of options that exist here in the US that may not be available where that patient lives.

To learn more about VoyagerMed and their virtual consult platform, visit

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About VoyagerMed

VoyagerMed is a medical tourism marketplace for traveling and international patients seeking high-quality medical care in the United States. We connect patients to a curated network of top medical specialists from leading institutions in the U.S. Through VoyagerMed, patients can connect directly with specialists for virtual consultations, second opinions and treatment. The company is based in New York City. For more information visit, call 212-470-4559 or email

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