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The truth is, once you have tried an authentic bamboo steamer, you will wonder how you ever cooked without one.

Fujian (PRUnderground) August 7th, 2019

A bamboo steamer is a relatively inexpensive addition to your kitchen cupboard and really is an essential piece for individuals who want an easy and convenient option to cook homebased meals in a way that preserves the flavor, texture, minerals, and nutrients of their food.

Bamboo kitchenware including chopsticks, bamboo cutting board, bamboo steamer and so on…

In fact, you are more likely to create quick, easy, and low fat meals in a bamboo steamer. Generally, it is not advised to place food directly on top of the bamboo; it is always a good idea to line your steamer, especially if steaming fish or chicken (yes, you can steam all of that in your bamboo steamer).

Light & Healthy
Many people boil their vegetables. This washes away vital nutrients. Using steam is a gentle alternative to cooking your vegetables and other foods. If you are a health-conscious cook, steaming helps preserve the vitamins and minerals in healthy foods.

Preparing your food with a bamboo steamer has other health benefits as well. If you are cooking a food that is very fatty, like meats or certain types of fish, the oils drip off the food and into the boiling water, resulting in a very light meal.

Most bamboo steamers are inexpensive and easy to find. Different types and sizes can be found at almost any specialty kitchen store, and are also in large department store chains like Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even online retailers like Amazon.

Quick Meals
The extremely high temperature of steam allows you to cook your food much quicker than other methods. When you are new to cooking with a bamboo steamer, you need to check the food frequently to make sure it is not being overcooked.

Also, the fact that you can cook several things concurrently contributes to a lesser cooking time as well. For example, you can have fish cooking on one tier, and have vegetables cooking on a second tier stacked right on top of it. The bamboo lid on top of the stacked tower keeps the steam in, ensuring everything gets cooked evenly.

Food Quality & Presentation
Since steaming your food is a much gentler process than other cooking methods, the food not only retains its healthy benefits, but also keeps its shape, natural flavor, texture, and color. Also, steam does not dry out the food as other methods do.

Your food will not get watery or soggy with a bamboo steamer either. Since bamboo naturally absorbs water, there is no condensation inside the steamer that can drip onto the food. Also, it looks impressive when you throw a dinner party and have freshly steamed dumplings served directly in these exotic-looking steamer trays.

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