With Unemployment Rising, One Click Smile Releases Guide to Aid Job Seekers

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As COVID-19 drives unemployment to Depression-era levels, producer of home teeth whitening kits shares tips to help job seekers make a winning impression.

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In February of this year, U.S. unemployment was at 3.5 percent. Driven by changes due to COVID-19, the rate has surged to nearly 15%, the worst it has been since the Great Depression. In support of America’s job seekers, One Click Smile has released a guide to help people make the best possible impression as they seek employment.

One Click Smile creates professional teeth whitening products that people can use at home. The company was started by dental hygienist Tanaz Warden after years of discontent with products that either cost too much or were affordable but ineffective. Tanaz and her pharmacist husband applied years of testing and research to develop teeth whitening kits that safely lighten teeth by up to two to eight shades without pain or sensitivity and with minimal time.

Since One Click Smile makes it their business to help people make a great first impression, they are sharing their free guide to help job seekers stand out from the pool of applicants.

“That old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression is especially relevant to the job hunt,” said Tanaz. “We want to help people present their best selves to potential employers.”

Tips from One Click Smile’s guide include:

  • Prepare. Nothing can sink a job interview like arriving late or frazzled. Job seekers should have everything ready—from ironed clothing to their resume to directions to the interview—well in advance. They should also leave in plenty of time, giving themselves a generous cushion just in case.
  • Exude confidence. Since potential employers can size applicants up in a split second, it’s critical to be self-assured from the very beginning. Though people may feel nervous inside, they can still create a strong first impression by speaking in an even tone of voice, making eye contact, giving a firm handshake, and keeping their remarks positive and deliberate.
  • Groom for success. Where clothing is concerned, it’s important to display personality, but people should err on the side of conservative and formal for the interview. If there are any obvious physical characteristics, such as yellowed teeth or skin rashes, that could distract the interviewer, try to remedy these in advance.
  • Be nice to everyone. Employees talk, and their chatter can float up to the people doing the hiring. The impression that people create with the doorman, the receptionist, and the guy they pass in the cubicle on the way to the boss’s office can all have bearing on whether or not they get hired.
  • Have a unique selling proposition ready. Applicants should be ready with three to five things that will make them an asset to the company and seek for ways to relay these in the course of the interview.

Tanaz said that her company is hoping their guide will allow people to feel more confident in their job search during unsettling times.

“Losing one’s job can come with feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, and that can be compounded by the uncertain times that we are in due to COVID-19,” said Tanaz. “We hope that this guide will help people transfer their concerns from what they can’t control to what they can as they seek to move forward positively.”

Tanaz’s mission through One Click Smiles’ at-home teeth whitener is to help everyone achieve picture perfect teeth—not just celebrities or people with large disposable incomes.

“Everyone deserves to feel good about their teeth,” said Tanaz. “There are lots of cheap, fly-by-night operations peddling teeth whiteners that don’t work or products that do work but are just too expensive for the average wage earner. This product is backed by science, approved by government regulations and affordable—the best of all worlds.”

To learn more about One Click Smile or their guide to help job seekers, visit www.OneClickSmiles.com.

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